List of FIFA Mobile Rules You Need to Follow

FIFA Mobile was recently updated with a brand new season, and a lot of new content was added to the game. With that, EA also updated the game rules that helps keep the game fair and fun for all the players. The following list in this article below will help you keep your EA account safe and you will be able to enjoy FIFA Mobile with everyone else.

For those who haven’t yet updated to the new FIFA Mobile 22 season should download it right away. You can get this game from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. When the world plays together, we have a community of global perspectives all united on one thing: playing fun games. This means that everyone can express themselves in a community that is safe and fair.

Keep Your EA Account Safe from Hackers

The first thing you need to make sure is to keep your EA account safe from any hackers or phishers. Never share your Facebook, Google Play, or Apple ID login information with another FIFA Mobile player. EA will never ask for your password, either. We have already covered several tips on how to secure your account, recover it or what to do in case you need help:

How to Play FIFA Mobile by the Rules?

You need to keep the following specific rules in mind when playing FIFA Mobile so that the game stays fair and fun for the entire community:

Don’t cheat in-game

Like every other game out there, cheating is strictly prohibited in FIFA Mobile. EA values fair play, hence cheating isn’t fair and hurts other players’ in-game experience.

Cheating includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Using external tools or bots
  • Using in-game exploits
  • Abusing glitches or bugs

Working with other players or accounts to increase your rank is also cheating. It creates an unfair advantage on the field. Don’t do it.

Don’t hack other players’ accounts

We want you to play as yourself, not by accessing another player’s account. That is strictly against EA’s rules.

Don’t buy Coins

You can earn FIFA Mobile Coins by playing, buying, and selling Items in the Market, but buying Coins from a third-party is against the rules. Here’s how to earn Coins fairly:

  • Play live events.
  • Complete daily activities.
  • Buy and sell players and Items in the Market.

Why shouldn’t you buy Coins from third parties?

  • Buying Coins from unauthorized third parties affects the in-game economy. It makes the playing field less fair. When Coin buyers buy cheap Items in the Market, they interfere with other players’ ability to buy affordable Items.
  • Third-party Coin sellers need your account login information to give out Coins. If you buy Coins, you’re at risk of having your account information stolen by phishers.

Don’t buy “mule” accounts or perform comfort trades. Both are against the gameplay rules because they have a negative impact on the in-game economy and the experience of other players.

Don’t farm Coins

There are many ways to earn Coins fairly in FIFA Mobile. Coin farming isn’t one of them. Coin farming is when you trick the game into thinking you’re playing matches when you are not.

Using any kind of bot or disconnection methods in-game to earn Coins faster is against our rules.

Don’t distribute or sell Coins

Coin selling and Coin distribution hurt the in-game economy and disrupt the buy-sell environment. This includes:

Buying or selling Coins

Giving Coins to or receiving Coins from another player, including giveaways is against the rules and regulations of FIFA Mobile. In addition to that, transferring Coins between accounts that you own, or that another player owns is also not allowed.

Don’t buy FIFA Points from a third-party seller

There are two ways to get FIFA Points:

  • Buying them in-game
  • Earning them when you complete Daily Activities.

That’s it. Do not use any third-party sellers or online services to buy FIFA Points at a discount.

Why shouldn’t I buy FIFA Points from third parties?

  • Third-party Coin sellers need your account login information to give out Cash and your or another player’s account may be hacked in the process.

Don’t abuse or use bots in the Market

Using bots, exploits, cheats, undocumented features, design errors, or bugs gives you an unfair advantage and hurts gameplay experience. It can make Items unaffordable and harder for other players to enjoy the game.

This includes using:

  • unsupported mods
  • unauthorized hardware or accessories
  • any specialized software, such as “aimbots” or “triggerbots,” or intentionally “boosting” or “teamkilling”
  • exploits to gain in-game items

Don’t make false claims

While we always welcome your feedback, don’t abuse in-game support or complaint buttons by making false reports to EA.

These are just some of the rules that you need to follow to play FIFA Mobile. You should also read through EA’s Code of Conduct on further tips on how to play this game and interact with other players.

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