Free Fire OB33 (March 2022): Release Date, New Features, Characters and More!

News about Free Fire OB33 has just been released and we have the complete information for you to go through. The update brings in two new characters, Sverr and Snowelle alongside a new pet and weapons. Every two months, Garena introduces frequent seasonal patch updates to Free Fire in order to improve the title and present new characters and even game modes.

This upcoming next Free Fire OB33 seems to be bringing in bug fixes and character ability reworks alongside some new characters. You can find all the information regarding Free Fire OB33 Update down below.

Free Fire OB33 Update: Release Date

Free Fire’s upcoming update is titled OB33 update and is expected to be released on March 23, 2022. It is to be noted that no official announcement has been made to confirm this, however, looking at Garena’s update patterns, It is highly likely that this will be the release date for it.

If the update isn’t released on the mentioned date, then it’ll still be highly likely that the update’s actual release timer will stay close to March 23. You can follow our news portal to learn of any updates regarding it.

Free Fire OB33: New Features

The upcoming OB33 update is expected to remove quite a bit of old features to bring something new to the table. These new features will be brought to Free Fire as soon as the update launches.

It is to be noted that more and more feature leaks will start to surface as we reach closer to the fated release date so keep a lookout for it! This article, however, will only be mentioning the information released up till today.

Sverr – New Character

Everything About Free Fire New Character Sverr: Tips, Tricks And Strategy

Sverr has been on the upcoming characters list for a long time but still hasn’t been released in the live game. Let’s hope that we get to see him performing in Free Fire OB33 update.

Sverr as a playable character is meant to be a top MMA fighter possessing an active skill called ‘Going Berzerk’ that, as the name suggests, lets him go ham at his enemies by granting his kit that much needed extra boost.

He has a special ability that can convert his HP directly into damage meaning the more HP he loses, the stronger he gets. To put in perspective, his special skill consumes 40HP to increase damage by 10% and lasts for 5 seconds at level 1.

You can level up Sverr by playing matches which will also increase his special ability percentage.

Snowelle – New Character

Free Fire's new character Snowelle: All you need to know

Snowelle is yet another new character that is expected to be hitting the live servers in the OB33 update. This female character is a Lab researcher in Free Fire Advance Server who is specialized in nanotechnology and robotics.

She plays more of a support-based role by causing enemies who are shot by her will to be unable to use their Active Skill and unable to convert EP into HP through her special skill called ‘Nano Nerves’.

The information revealed about Nano nerves is as follows.

  • Nano Nerves Level 1: Within 5s of being hit by Snowelle, enemies are unable to use active skills, unable to convert EP into HP. CD 45s.
  • Nano Nerves Level 2: Within 5s of being hit by Snowelle, enemies are unable to use active skills, unable to convert EP into HP. CD 42s.
  • Nano Nerves Level 3: Within 5s of being hit by Snowelle, enemies are unable to use active skills, unable to convert EP into HP. CD 39s.
  • Nano Nerves Level 4: Within 5s of being hit by Snowelle, enemies are unable to use active skills, unable to convert EP into HP. CD 36s.
  • Nano Nerves Level 5: Within 5s of being hit by Snowelle, enemies are unable to use active skills, unable to convert EP into HP. CD 33s.
  • Nano Nerves Level 6: Within 5s of being hit by Snowelle, enemies are unable to use active skills, unable to convert EP into HP. CD 30s.

New Pet – Flash

Free Fire: Flash is a new Turtle-like pet coming with the January 2022  update

Just like all previous updates, players can expect to see another pet being introduced in the game in the OB33 update. According to the Free Fire Advance server. We just might be seeing Flash being introduced into the pets pool.

Flash possesses a special ability named ‘Steel Shell’ which can reduce bullet damage from behind by up to 100 points. This ability, however, has an alternate cooldown of 150 so use it wisely!

MAC-10 – New Weapon

Free Fire OB31 Leak: New MAC-10 SMG With Built-In Silencer

Free fire is expected to release the new Mac 10 weapon with their OB33 update. The full name for the weapon is Military Armament Corporation Model 10 however it can be called “M10” or “M-10”. MAC -10 is a block back operated compact piston developed back in 1964. The ammo for this gun will either be .45 ACP or 9mm depending on the developers. The main aim of this new gun is to carry SMGs ammo while acting as a pistol.

Firing From Inside Vehicles – New Mechanism

Top 5 Best Vehicles In Free Fire

This new patch will also be bringing a brand new mechanism that will enable players to finally fire while seated inside a vehicle. Not only will this mechanism let players fight like gangsters but it’ll also impact pro play. This mechanism has also been shown in one of Garena’s trailers.

Scooter – New Vehicle

A new vehicle might also hit the shores of OB33 as one of the recently released trailers by Garena has shown Shirou riding a Scooter. But much cannot be said about it as there has been no confirmation from the official sources therefore players might have to live in suspense until further information is made available.

Attires, Skins and More!

Free Fire fans can also expect a lot of new fashion accessories coming their way in the new Free Fire OB33 update. There are tons of new cosmetic items available in the shop with some new weapon skins and wraps that might also be crashing into the store in the new update.

Fans can be delighted to know that there is a high chance that Garena will be releasing new skins for the in-game characters alongside emotes and other cool stuff!

Whatever happens, fans can still be hyped for Free Fire OB33 update as there will be lots of new stuff to look forward to. For complete updates on Free Fire, head to our News section.

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