How to Download Hell Let Loose Console Beta on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Team 17’s World War Two inspired FPS Hell Let Loose is finally nearing release. With Beta versions of the game now coming out for the PS5, Xbox and PC, here’s how you can register for them and start playing the game.

While the Beta does not resemble the final version of the game, it will more or less be like the PC version of the game on both consoles. So, playing the Beta can be a lot of fun. Any progress you make in the Beta will not transfer over to the final release.

How To Download & Play Hell Let Loose Console Beta

The Beta for Hell Let Loose is an excellent way for you to decide whether you want to pick this game up or not. Since it will be coming out for each individual platform, you can always play the Beta first and get a feel for the gunplay and mechanics.

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How To Register For PlayStation 5 Beta

The developers have confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be the first platform that gets to play Hell Let Loose. As of yet, a tweet from the Developers states that the beta will be coming out in the near future.

Moreover, sign-up details will be revealed to all players in the next coming weeks. We’ll be updating this post as soon as we get our hands on more information about the beta.

UPDATE: The PS5 Open beta will be starting off from Sep. 16 to Sep. 20 till 10 AM UTC. You will not need to pre-order the game and you can get it for free!

How To Register For Xbox Beta

While the console beta will be coming out first on the PlayStation 5, players on the Xbox will have to wait a while as the developers have still not provided us with a concrete release date.

Since the Beta is being taken one platform at a time, there’s a chance that we might get to see the Beta in the upcoming weeks.

How To Play Hell Let Loose on PC

Hell Let Loose has already been released on PC! You can get the game right now on Steam and hop in.

Will Hell Let Loose Have Crossplay?

Yes! PS5 and Xbox players will be able to play the game through cross-platform integration. There will be no crossplay between console and PC players as the developers wish to keep these two eco-systems completely different.

We can then also expect for there to be a slight difference in the update cycles for the PC and Console version of the game as well.

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