Dying Light 2 Health vs Stamina: What to Upgrade?

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Dying Light 2 is always pushing the player to decide whether to make a run for it or stand your ground and fight meaning Stamina vs Health. Depending on what skills you have invested in the decision will be accordingly. So let’s take a look at what should be the focus for the player.

Investing in either Health or Stamina will have a drastic impact on the way you approach each situation in the game. You can either be an acrobat and get out of tricky situations cunningly or you can be a brute and fight it out to your death.

Health vs Stamina

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Combat or Parkour Skill Tree

Depending on what you choose to focus on Health or Stamina the skill trees will open up accordingly. Meaning, if you invest in Stamina the Parkour skill tree will be unlocked more quickly i.e. Parkour advance skills will be available to the player more rapidly. For if you invest in Health the Combat skill tree will be unlocked quickly.

How to Increase Health or Stamina?

Health or Stamina is upgraded by finding a unique item in the game The Inhibitor. When the player finds this they are presented with an option to Either upgrade Health or Stamina, only one can be upgraded at a time.

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What to Upgrade? Stamina or Health

Considering the focus of the game is very much on traversing this wasteland, my recommendation would be to focus on Stamina at the start. You will be running around the map regardless and the more Stamina and Parkour skills you have the easier would be for you to explore. Better Parkour skills like Wallrun and Tic tac will let you get out of sticky situations rather than be a fish in a barrel.

Stamina is the backbone of the Parkour skills you execute and the number of times you could swing your weapon. Hairy situations like chases can be easily outrun once you have enough Stamina and if cornered you’ll be able to swing your weapon like a madman more frequently rather than getting tired like an old man.

Health has its benefit as it can unlock some super moves to get rid of your enemies and how much damage you could endure. Health is recommended if you are playing at a higher difficulty level and it’s getting harder to run without dying. However, you won’t be able to even stand your ground properly if you are running out of air due to low Stamina and fewer weapon swings.

Choosing the right tree to invest in can make a night and day difference in your playstyle and we recommend that Stamina is the best choice as Parkour and Running is the name of the game. Let us know down below which path you choose and how was your journey.

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  1. Stamina is what i was thinking. There is a lot of healing items and your health can be managed by being smart and how to move in combat situations.

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