Farming Simulator 22 Save File Location

Farming Simulator 22 has just been released and players are having a blast playing it. You can spend hours upon hours trying to improve your farm and earn money to level up your equipment. However, there is a slight chance that all your hard work will be lost due to a save file corruption. If you want to avoid that, here’s where you can find the Farming Simulator 22 save file location.

Locating the save file is quite useful since you can back it up in case you want to install some mods or make heavy alterations to the game. Plus, you can always swap your save file with another one if yours get corrupted. With that said, let’s see the Farming Simulator 22 save file location.

Where is Farming Simulator 22 Save File?

Farming Simulator 22 runs really well on all supported platforms but there are some major issues / bugs that can hinder your progress throughout the game. If you are facing any of these bugs or any other problem, chances are that you would want to backup your save file and swap it out for a new one. For that, you’ll need to know about its location.

Farming Simulator 22 PC Save Location

PC is the most common platform that users play Farming Simulator 22 on. While the location of the save file depends on the version of your Windows, it is mostly located at the same place. Here is an easy way to find the save file without having to do much:

  • Launch Farming Simulator 22
  • Press ALT+TAB while the game is running
  • Open your Task Manager and select Details
  • Right click on the exe and press Show folder location

Following these steps will allow you to open the folder where your save game is located. Alternatively, you can manually go to the save file location by following this step:

  • C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022\savegame1

That about does it for our Farming Simulator 22 save file location guide. Let us know how is your experience so far with the game and did you manage to find the save file or not.

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