Free Fire OB31 Advance Server APK Registration (2021)

The all new Free Fire OB31 Advance Server is opening up soon for registration, and here you can download the latest APK. This new advance server (test build) will allow regular players to experience and try out upcoming new features, game modes, weapon balances etc. Garena has just started this registration process so if you want to find out what new is coming to the game, register now.

Free Fire OB31 Advance Server will only run for a limited-time, and you do not need to worry about your game progress as it is not carried over to the final release. This is a temporary test server where you play among friends and it will be wiped clean at the end of this Advance Server test. Once connected with your Facebook account as registration, you just need to download the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server APK next and install it on your phone.

Free Fire OB31 New Features Expected:

Here is a list of some of the confirmed and unconfirmed (rumoured / expected) new features that you might be able to enjoy in this Free Fire OB31 Advance Server:

  • Snowelle – New Character: This new female character in the game is a nanotech engineer, and was first shown and tested in the OB25 Advance Server. There is a good chance the developers might bring her in for this latest release.
  • New Pet: Like most major Free Fire releases, you can expect a new pet with this next OB31 Update as well. We do not yet have any information about it, but will update here once we do have it.
  • G18 (Akimbo) – New Weapon: One of the newer Free Fire trailers have shown a character with this brand new G18 – Akimbo pistols and we think this might be the next new weapon coming to the game.
  • Scooter – New Vehicle: You thought they have forgotten about new vehicles? Well, looks like this two-wheeler will be coming next with the OB31 update and you will be able to try it out first in this Advance Server.

We will update this list again when we get closer to the actual launch of the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server with more rumoured new features that we think might be coming in with the next release.

How to Register for Free Fire OB31 Advance Server

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server - July 2021 Registration

The registration process is pretty straight-forward and easy for anyone to sign up. But as mentioned earlier, this test server only allows a limited number of players for a short amount of time. You will need about 700 MB of free space before you start. Here’s how you can get into Free Fire OB30 Advance Server:

  • Open the Free Fire registration page
  • Login via Facebook
  • If enrolled, you will be able to download the APK that appears on the page.
  • After doing so install the APK and open it. You will need about 2.5 GB for this step. NOTE: APK download will start on November 12.
  • Now, log-in through your normal account and enter your activation code.

Note: You will need to have an activation code in order to log in after you’ve opened the game.

Find Bugs, Get Free Diamonds:

Free Fire: Find Bugs, Get Free Diamonds

One of the main perks why you should download and try out these new features in Free Fire OB31 test server is free diamonds. Once you test new features and report back the developers with any glitches or bugs, you will be rewarded with free in-game diamonds that you can use to purchase bundles, Elite Pass or cosmetics for your character.

Now that we have mentioned rewards, you can also get some free in-game items using this list of Free Fire redeem codes.

Free Fire OB31 Advance Server APK Download (November 2021)

If you are unable to enroll through Facebook, you can still download the Advance Server APK and gain access to all of its features! Here’s how:

Download APK: The final version of Free Fire OB30 and Free Fire Max is now out for Android devices and you can download it from here: Download Fire Fire OB30 APK and Download Free Fire MAX

  • Download the APK from the link above
  • Open the file titled FFadv_66.17.0_0722_ID.apk
  • Install the APK. If you can’t make sure to enable Install from Unknown Sources from your phone’s security settings.
  • Enter your activation code after logging in and start playing the game!

We hope you have successfully enrolled in the Advance Server test build for Free Fire OB31. You can now download, install and play the upcoming Free Fire before everyone else. If you find issues with the above instructions, or you cannot enroll yourself, do let us know in the comments below.

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