7 Gender Swapped Genshin Impact Characters You’d Love to See

Genshin Impact Gender Swapped Characters

One of the biggest reasons for the widespread appeal of Genshin Impact and many Gacha games in general are their exciting and powerful characters, or as many would call it, the assortments of various “waifus” and “husbandos”. Genshin Impact also boasts a ton of these sorts of characters from characters like Raiden Shogun to Diluc, many of them have amassed a huge degree of fans for many reasons.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Genshin Impact fandom is its dedicated art community working hard to create brand tons of unique and well-made art out of their love for their favorite game. Genshin Impact’s interesting array of characters also leads to a huge community of artists that can find a character design that speaks to them and channel their interpretation of them through various fan arts.

A sub-branch of this fan community extends to the game’s Rule 63 fandom or basically, drawing opposite gender versions of the same character. Here are some of the most interesting ones we’ve found so far!

Best Gender-Swapped / Genderbent Genshin Impact Characters:

Here are some of the most interesting gender-swap characters from Genshin Impact that we’ve found! (All credits go to the respective artists).


Diluc by RyuIkura.

One of the more interesting characters in Genshin Impact. Diluc is basically Genshin’s version of the Batman or Batwoman to be more precise. The owner of a famous vineyard by day and a vigilante hunting monsters and bandits by night. Diluc is a powerful warrior with a great deal of sass to go with it.


Ningguang by Beebuni

The leader of the Liyue Qixing and a central character in the Liyue arc. Ningguang is a very important character in Genshin Impact. Excelling at harnessing the power of Geo, Ningguang is as good of a warrior as he is a leader. His cold demeanor is only broken at times when near his closest allies and friends.


Zhongli by tanghulululu

The wise Geo Archon is my favorite character in Genshin Impact. Zhongli boasts a strong demeanor and personality that captures the attention of everyone in the room. Being the Geo Archon, Zhongli lacks the awareness to understand the value of money and is often found relying on the generosity of his friends like an absolute cheapskate.

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Ganyu by mizuamememe

Another relatively important character making her first appearance in the Liyue arc in Genshin Impact, Ganyu is part of the Liyue Qixing working under Ningguang. Ganyu possesses great power being a strong frost warrior. Ganyu is a kind person who tries to help friends out crucial times.


Barbara by Muffout

Barbara is a nurse working under the Church of Monstadt. This kind individual preaches the word of the Wind Archon and is a devout believer. Barbara is a talented healer that protects your party exactly when you need assistance.


Amber by Keiito

While this won’t make Amber actually worth using in combat while playing Genshin Impact. Amber is one of the first characters you meet in Genshin Impact and who also introduces you to the city of Monstadt. Amber is a helpful friend and an excellent adventurer who teaches you how to glide and helps you out through thick and thin.

Tartaglia (Childe):

Tartaglia (Childe)
Childe by tabibitowayo

Boasting a massive shit-eating grin, Tartaglia is the character who will you stab in the back the moment you’re done being of use to her. Her casual attitude begets a more sinister side to her character that is simply asking for trouble. On top of that she’s an extremely strong warrior capable of harnessing the power of water. Making Tartaglia both a formidable foe and ally.

And these are some of the most interesting genderbent characters we found in Genshin Impact. We hope you found this interesting, for more on Genshin Impact, check out our Guides Section!

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