Best Genshin Impact Female Characters Ranked (2022)

One of the biggest reasons for the widespread appeal of Genshin Impact and many Gacha games in general are their exciting and powerful characters, or as many would call it, the assortments of various “waifus” and “husbandos”. Genshin Impact also boasts a ton of these sorts of characters from characters like Raiden Shogun to Diluc, many of them have amassed a huge degree of fans for many reasons.

Another very fun aspect about Genshin Impact are how its characters synergize into various builds the players can make, whether it be a classic DPS>Tank>Support>Heal or something entirely different and borderline wacky. Which is why we’ve made this guide on some of the best female party members to roll for in Genshin Impact.

Top 10 Female Characters in Genshin Impact Ranked:

Genshin Impact is filled with many badass female characters from the pirate warrior Beidou to literally female Vergil “Keqing”, the options are plentiful and mast of them are great. So here’s a list of the 10 best female characters in Genshin Impact, ranked for all your Gacha hell needs:

10) Barbara

Barbara - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by miHoYo

One of the best healers in the game. Barbara can be found tending to the church in Monstadt. Barbara is a 4-star character and will likely be one of the first rare characters many players would get.

9) Ningguang

Ningguang in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by miHoYo

The leader of the Liyue Qixing, Ningguang is a 4-star geo-based DPS character. She’s also linked to various story quests in the main storyline that takes place in the Liyue arc. She can be a great character if you want a DPS character to carry you into the late game if you don’t have a 5-star DPS character yet.

8) Sucrose

Sucrose in Genshin Impact

This support character is a great asset to have if you’re going for an elemental based party. Pair her with a great elemental DPS character and watch the numbers fly in one of the most satisfying combat experiences you can have while playing Genshin Impact.

7) Kokomi

Kokomi in Genshin Impact Female Character
Screenshot by miHoYo

Introduced in the Inazuma update last year after Raiden Shogun practically took over the internet. While Kokomi didn’t have the same impact or gameplay appeal as Raiden Shogun, she’s a great support character and can serve as your party’s main source of healing.

6) Xiangling

Screenshot by miHoYo

This pyro-based DPS character is a very fast attacking character with tons of potential for elemental affinities. Xiangling is a 4-star character that can really excel with the right kind of setup and proper constellations. She also runs a very famous restaurant in Liyue that also makes her an excellent cook for your party.

5) Yanfei

Yanfei in Genshin Impact Female Character
Screenshot by miHoYo

Probably the best female pyro character in the game, Yanfei is a pyro mage that can deal some of the highest damage in all of Genshin Impact. This 4-star lawyer is a fantastic to character to have in your party for that consistent pyro based damage and even better for many elemental synergies coupled with the right characters.

4) Ganyu

Ganyu - Best Genshin Impact Female Characters
Screenshot by miHoYo

One of the strongest characters in all of Genshin this 5-star cryo character is a DPS monster that can quickly dish out strong damage and cause large elemental chains with her strong abilities and skills. Ganyu being a 5-star character makes her another extremely rare character, so chances to get her are very low unless she gets a banner of her own.

3) Eula

Eula - Female Character
Screenshot by miHoYo

This greatsword wielding dancer decimates her foes with her strong Cryo potential. Eula’s Grimheart stacks to deal some of the highest possible cryo DMG in Genshin Impact. Be warned though, as she’s a super rare 5-star character so chances of getting her are extremely low.

2) Keqing

Keqing - Genshin Impact Female Character
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Keqing AKA Female Vergil is the character for you if you’re a huge nut for the Devil May Cry franchise, playing like something out of a character action game. Keqing’s extremely powerful lightning damage can cut through dimensions and decimate her enemies with nary a thought. With a proper build Keqing can be a brutal powerhouse that excels with both speed and damage in Genshin Impact.

1) Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun - Genshin Impact Female Character
Screenshot by miHoYo

The best and arguably the coolest looking female character in Genshin Impact. Raiden Shogun is a support/DPS character, boasting insanely powerful speed with an extremely fun set of abilities and ultimate that turns her into a DPS beast that could decimate just about anything in the game. Not to mention her theme just straight up SLAPS.

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Genshin Impact is filled to the brim with tons of fun and exciting characters. Whether it be elemental supports or powerful DPS monsters capable of nuking bosses in only a handful of hits. You can’t go wrong with any of these best female characters in Genshin Impact.

We hope you found this guide helpful, for more guides on anything Genshin Impact, check out our Guides Section!

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