Monster Hunter Rise: All PC Settings Guide

Monster Hunter Rise recently came out on PC and there are tons of settings that you will need to get familiar with. If you are looking for a list of Monster Hunter Rise all PC settings, you came to the right place. We will take a look at all of the settings that the game has to offer and you can adjust them accordingly.

There are seven main categories that you can adjust. Keep in mind that these are game settings and not graphics settings. We will cover that in another guide. With that said, let’s dive right in and check out all PC settings for Monster Hunter Rise.

All PC Settings in Monster Hunter Rise

You can find all of the in-game settings down below. The settings shown in the images are set to default. You can adjust them according to your preference. With that said, let’s take a look at the various settings found in Monster Hunter Rise.

Game Settings

These settings allow you to adjust your HUD, indicators, and subtitles just to name a few.

  • Tutorial Window: Display
  • Targeting Arrow: Show
  • HUD Settings: Open Settings Menu
  • Health & Stamina Gauge: Fixed
  • HUD Map Type: Genera Map
  • HUD Map Toggle Type: Toggle On
  • Player Silhouette: Off
  • Damage Indicators: Display
  • Hit Effects: Normal
  • Subtitles: Display


You can adjust various in-game settings from the Control tab.

  • Player Actions Settings: Type 1
  • Button Hold Settings: Medium
  • Directional Control Settings: Type 1
  • Sheathe Settings: Auto Sheathe
  • Dash Settings: R
  • Switch L and R: Do Not Switch
  • Confirmation Button: A
  • Radial Menu Settings: Type 1
  • D-Pad Controls: Action Bar
  • L + A / B / X / Y Controls: Item Bar


These settings allow you to control the speed of your camera movement. Adjusting them according to your preference is essential. Otherwise, you might have difficulties controlling the camera and your character.

  • Camera Shake: On
  • Camera Controls: Type 1
  • Camera Speed: Default
  • Reticle Controls: Type 1
  • Reticle Speed: Default
  • Gunner Reticle Camera Controls: Type 1
  • Gunner Reticle Speed: Slow
  • Gunner Trajectory Reticle Controls: Normal
  • Gunner Reticle Controls: Type 1
  • Gunner Reticle Direction: Camera’s Direction


Under Gyroscope, you can choose to toggle it on or off, adjust sensitivity, and more.

  • Gyro Functionality: Off
  • Up/ Down Sensitivity – TV: 50
  • Left / Right Sensitivity – TV: 50
  • Vertical Sensitivity – Handheld Mode: 50
  • Horizontal Sensitivity – Handheld Mode: 50
  • Right Joystick Up/Down Controls: Off
  • Normal Gyro Controls: Off
  • Aiming Gyro Controls: Off
  • Photography Gyro Controls: Off
  • Gunner Reticle Gyro Controls: Off


There are a total of nine settings that you can adjust in the Audio tab.

  • Character’s Voice Volume: 100
  • NPC Voice Volume: 100
  • BGM Volume: 100
  • Sound Effect Volume: 100
  • UI Volume: 100
  • Player Voice Frequency: 100%
  • Multiplayer Voice Settings: On
  • Sound Output Device: Console Speakers
  • Lobby BGM Settings: Lobby Host BGM

Save Data

The Save Data setting has two options. You can either set it to Autosave or turn it Off. This is completely dependent on your preference. Keeping it to Autosave is recommended though.


Under Display, you can adjust your TV Mode Screen brightness. This setting is completely dependent on your preference. If you prefer a brighter display, turn up the setting. Otherwise, adjust it accordingly.

Those are all the settings present in Monster Hunter Rise for PC. Since the game is new on PC, you will want to get familiar with these settings. Let us know what you think of the game so far and do you like it more than the Switch version or not.

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