How to Play Mercy in Overwatch 2: Weapon, Abilities, Tips

Support Class is all about being a team player and if you are not a team player then this class isn’t for you. For all of you out there who prefer their team winning rather than raking up kills then Mercy is a support player you should go for.

Mercy is one of the top Support Players in Overwatch 2 and features tons of useful abilities that can lead her team to victory. In this guide, we are going to be taking a deeper dive into what Mercy has to offer along with a few tricks to improve your Mercy plays.

Mercy Class, Weapon, and Abilities

Mercy Class, Weapons and Abilities - Overwatch 2
Class, Weapons, and Abilities


Mercy belongs to the Support Class.


Caduceus Staff (Primary Weapon): This is Mercy’s primary weapon that she can use to heal her teammates, give them HP or damage buff, etc. The Caduceus Staff will heal a teammate at 55 HP/second.

Caduceus Blaster (Secondary Weapon): This is Mercy’s automatic pistol that serves as the secondary weapon that she can use to deal damage at the rate of 20 damage/shot. It has a high rate of fire and decent DPS.


Guardian Angel: This ability allows her to fly forward or upwards depending upon the action you choose. You can basically launch yourself at a certain distance with this ability. This ability can either quickly take you to a teammate in need or can also be used to get out of a sticky situation. It has a 1.5-second cooldown.

Angelic Descent: This ability allows you to soften your landing after you took a flight. When you are in the air, you can press the jump button to make Mercy float and slowly descend. This will give you a chance to get a bird’s eye view of the battlefield.

Resurrect: This ability allows Mercy to revive a killed teammate before they respawn. This is a very handy ability as your teammate won’t have to wait the time taken to respawn again and the other good thing is that you will come back to life with full health. It has a 1.75-seconds cooldown.

Health Regeneration (Passive): This is Mercy’s passive ability that slowly regenerates her health over time when she is not taking any more damage. This ability was necessary since she cannot heal herself using her other abilities.

Valkyrie (Ultimate): This is Mercy’s Ultimate ability that allows her to fly and while she is in the air, she can give her teammates a health and damage buff that she previously could but now she can do it to multiple teammates at a single time.

Tips to Play Mercy in Overwatch 2

Stick Close to Another Hero

Mercy might be a good healer but when it comes to dealing damage, she falls short by a lot and this sort of thing can quickly put her to bed for good if she is not careful. While her secondary weapon deals decent damage but it is not good enough to stand a chance against other powerful weapons.

It is best to stick close to a Damage Hero such as Genji or Moira and keep healing them while they are fighting for the team. Since they are always on the front line and constantly up against enemies, it is best to keep them healed and play your part as the support of the team.

Don’t Waste Your Ultimate

Mercy has a strong ultimate that not only allows her to fly but also heal and buff her teammates all while keeping an eye on the battlefield from above. When this ability is activated Mercy’s other abilities such as healing rate, damage, etc also get a boost.

Although it might seem like an intimidating choice to use your secondary pistol and score a few easy kills but the support should always focus on helping the team so you should too focus on healing your teammates.

Revive When Its Safe

Resurrect is a super useful ability but you need to pay attention as to when you should use it. It takes 5 seconds for the teammate to come back to life and if you are right in the middle of a fight and you use this ability then you are just giving another freebie to the enemy.
You should use this ability only when you are in the clear and there is no immediate threat to the teammate that you are currently trying to bring back to life.

Boost The Ultimate

Mercy has the ability to boost her teammate’s abilities and if you pay attention, then you will know that ultimate is also an ability. Most Damage Heroes’ ultimate abilities focus on dealing damage and if you boost them at the right time, their ultimate will be buffed dealing even more damage to the enemies.

Hide to Heal

Since Mercy is not able to directly heal herself and she can only be healed either by another healer or through her passive ability they slowly regenerate her health. The passive ability only works when she is not taking any damage. It is best to stay away from the direct lines of fire to gain back some lost health.

This was all on Mercy. Be sure to check out our Best Support Heroes Guide for Overwatch 2 and if you think you have more tips to improve Mercy plays then leave a comment below and let us know.

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