Overwatch 2: Best Support Heroes

Overwatch 2

In a team-based game, not everyone can be on the frontline, not everyone is supposed to run like a madman and gun anyone that comes in sight. There are other members who have to be responsible and play strategically while supporting their teammates. Support Class in Overwatch 2 is fine-tuned to help the team stay alive for a longer period.

Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced action FPS game that features several heroes in three different classes and this guide is especially about the best support players and to make things much easier, we have further classified them on the basis of how easy to use they are.

Support Class in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2: Best Support Heroes
Support Heroes

Support Class plays one of the most crucial roles in Overwatch 2 and there are a number of reasons for that. There are many roles on the battlefield. There are players who are on the frontline fighting with all their might not to let the enemy pass and we like to call them Damage.

Then there are players who are responsible for the defensive side of things and according to Overwatch 2, they are called the Tanks. These two classes are only as good as the support on their team. Every player will have a limited health pool and once it runs out, you are done for.

Support Class makes sure that it never happens. They are responsible for healing, reviving downed teammates, and providing all kinds of support that the frontline fighters might need. This support can be in the form of speed, damage, and other kinds of buffs and there can also be debuffs where you can hinder the ability of the enemy’s support to heal their teammates.

Support players are generally more vulnerable than other classes and they are easily killed as well due to their weaker nature but to make up for that, they have a special passive ability. Support Class’s passive ability allows them to heal overtime making them kind of invincible but this mechanic was put into place to make the support class a viable choice for all players.

Support Class isn’t everyone’s first choice due to the slightly steep learning curve but they are incredibly fun once you get the hang of them and they do play a key role in the victory of the team.

There are a total of 8 Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 and we have divided them into two groups of easy-to-use and harder-to-use support heroes to give you an idea of where you can start if you want to take the role of Support Player.

In this guide, we have not categorized the heroes on the base of their overall abilities and usefulness but instead, we have focused on which heroes are relatively easier to understand and start with and which ones are the advanced ones.

Easiest Support Heroes in Overwatch 2


Mercy - Overwatch 2

Mercy is easily one of the easiest support players in the Overwatch franchise. She might not be the best support hero but that was never the point of this guide. We are presenting the heroes that you can just pick up without any prior research or experience and can go ham with it.

Mercy although is one of the weaker heroes and can easily be taken down by a strong attack but she packs some useful abilities. Her Angelic Descent ability allows her to float in the air which is nice for taking a birds-eye view of the battlefield.

Next up is her regeneration ability which allows her to revive any teammate within 5 meters of her ability’s radius. Finally, the star of the show is the ultimate ability that allows her to boost her stats for 15 seconds and they include movement speed, weapon damage, healing speed, and unlimited ammunition.

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Moira - Overwatch 2

The second hero that takes the title for being an easy-to-use support hero is Moira. Moira was specifically designed to be user-friendly and a support player that can hold out on her own without the help of her teammates.

Moira is significantly stronger than Mercy and has higher DPS but the problem lies with the short-range attacks that bound her to get close to the enemy she wants to fight but since she is a support hero so she isn’t technically designed for this. If you are surrounded by a lot of enemies, you can use her invisibility to get out of the mess.

secondly, you can use her Biotic Orb ability that will damage enemies but heal teammates so it is pretty useful. Her ultimate ability shoots out a laser beam that works in a similar way as the orb – heal teammates and damage enemies.

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Brigitte - Overwatch 2

Next up we have is Brigitte who is easily one of the best medics in Overwatch 2. Brigitte doesn’t only have a specialized healing ability but her primary attack also heals nearby teammates so it is a plus point. She has a solid weapon – Flail.

What makes her worthy of this easy-to-use list is the shield that protects her in a firefight. Her shield not only protects her but also can be used to damage enemies using her shield bash ability. She might be a little slower than other heroes but you can’t always have everything.


Lucio - Overwatch 2

Lucio might get mentioned last on this list but he is without a doubt, the best support player on the entire roster. Lucio’s main weapon is his music which holds all the abilities. Ranging from damaging the enemy to healing your own allies.

Lucio has tons of useful abilities in his arsenal. Lucio has the ability to heal his teammates with a song and if he plays the second song, every teammate in the AoE will get a movement speed buff. Lucio can fire sound waves in bursts of 4 with each one dealing 20 damage.

This sound wave can also be used in form of one big blast that will knock back all the enemies. You can use this ability when the enemies start to overwhelm you, just to get breathing space. Lucio’s ultimate ability allows him to create a 30-mete sound barrier that will insta heal every ally in the area for 6 seconds.

Hardest Support Heroes in Overwatch 2

Moving towards the second list of this guide hardest supports heroes. This absolutely doesn’t mean that any hero in this list is bad, the whole purpose of this tier list is to show you guys which heroes you can immediately pick up and start rocking with and which ones will take a bit of practice to get used to.


Ana - Overwatch 2

First up on our list is Ana. Ana might be an excellent healer but she is not as easy to use as other heroes and that is purely because all of her abilities work best on long-range and as soon as the fight becomes up close and personal, she finds herself at a significant disadvantage.

Ana is mainly a sniper and her abilities such as a healing grenade that will heal all the players in close proximity while inflicting a debuff on the enemies that stop them from healing. All of her other abilities also work best at long-range and if you can master that, then you have got yourself a good support hero.


Baptiste - Overwatch 2

A support hero and a healer, that cannot heal himself. This sounds like Baptiste. Batiste might be an excellent support player that can provide long-range healing shots and boosts to his teammates and the Amplification Matrix that he creates also boosts the ability of everything that passes through it.

Baptiste can also create an immortality field that will save your allies from an untimely death. Even with all of these abilities, Baptiste is slow and not being able to heal himself can be a bit of a tricky mechanic to work around.


Zenyatta - Overwatch 2

Zenyatta is one of the lesser-picked support heroes out of the bunch because he is arguably not as beginner friendly as other heroes. He uses different types of orbs to heal his allies and damage his enemies. The tricky part with Zenyatta is nailing the timing of his orb because if you are using the secondary mode on Orb of Destruction where it will shoot out multiple projectiles, it takes a little bit to charge up and if you don’t perfect the timing, it will take even longer.

Zenyatta can shoot Orb of healing that will heal his teammates but the problem with that is that it will only heal allies as long as they are in the line of sight, as soon as are not in direct line of sight, they will stop receiving heals. So in order to properly heal your teammates as Zenyatta, you will have to stick close to them.


Kiriko - Overwatch 2

Kiriko is one of the most versatile and highly equipped support heroes in Overwatch 2 and that also makes her one of the hardest to learn because so much is going on. Kiriko has tons of useful abilities that make her stand out.

She is the perfect combination of offense and support. Kiriko is fast and can climb walls, her swift step ability allows her to pass through walls and obstacles to get closer to enemies. She throws kunai knives that deal a significant amount of damage.

Her ultimate ability allows her to create a spiritual field that will boost the movement speed and healing of every ally that comes in the range of her ability. There are soo many abilities to choose from and master so which makes her a bit difficult to learn but apart from that she is the best healer on the Overwatch 2 support class roster.

This was our take on the best support heroes in Overwatch 2 and if you like it, make sure to check out our best tank heroes and best damage heroes guide.

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