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Overwatch 2

Beefy characters are always the meat shield in any game, just eating all the shots that are fired toward their team and the Tank Class serves this purpose in Overwatch 2. Tank is one of the three classes in Overwatch 2 and serves as the shield for the team.

There are many types of Tank Heroes featured in Overwatch 2, all with different abilities and use cases. If you are looking for which Tank character will suit your style then you are at the right place because we have got the best Tank heroes in Overwatch 2. In case you have missed it, we have also covered a similar tier list for the best DPS heroes and best Support heroes.

Tank Class in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List
Tank Heroes

Tank class is pretty self-explanatory in Overwatch 2. Tanks are supposed to be sturdy and flashy so they can grab all the attention while their teammates can safely take down the enemies one by one. Tank class in Overwatch 2 works in a similar way.

Tanks are the sturdiest class in Overwatch 2 and they have the responsibility to act as the shield for the team while also helping them gain map control. Every team can have one tank. Tanks have a gigantic health pool with a passive ability to reduce knockback.

Tanks have large bodies and can also use a shield to completely block enemy fire so it is best to stick close to them during a push because it is highly likely that the enemy will be focused on the tank and you can easily take advantage of this opportunity to score some easy kills.

Being a heavy class with a big health pool, people might think that it is a brainless class and that anyone can play a tank with that much health. We have to know that while the health pool might be big but not infinite so we have to be strategic about our placement and how we move forward into the enemy’s territory.

To make things easier for you, we have put together this list of easy-to-use and hard-to-use tanks so you can choose how in-depth you want to go in Tank Class.

Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List

There are a total of 10 tank heroes in Overwatch 2 and each one might have the same functionality but they all differ in terms of abilities and use case. We have put together this tier list for tank heroes in Overwatch 2.


This tier is made while keeping in mind the versatility and overall effectiveness of the hero. We are also keeping in mind that the hero shouldn’t be too hard to use and players should have an easier time getting used to that hero.

Tier List

SOrisa, D.Va, Reinhardt
AJunker Queen, Sigma, Winston, Roadhog
BWrecking Ball, Zarya
Tank Tier List



Orisa - Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List

In Overwatch, Orisa didn’t get the attention that she deserved but in Overwatch 2, she got a massive rework that brought her to the top spot on our list. Orisa is probably one of the best Tanks mainly because of all her all-rounder abilities.

Orisa has a giant health pool which is of primary importance for a tank. Her abilities such as Javeline Spin simply just negate all the projectile and damage coming towards her. While she is using Javelin Spin, you cannot approach her and none of the melee attacks will work on her.

On top of this, her Energy Javelin ability shoots stunning shots at enemies that will stun them for a short period of time. Tanks are known for their shields and Orisa’s Fortify allows her to block off almost all the damage coming toward her providing a safe haven for her and her teammates.

The best part about Orisa is that she is not just a shield but also a decent attacker and can hold out the frontline on her own pretty decently and that is something that is rare in other Tanks.


D.Va - Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List

The second hero on our list is not the easiest to use but surely the highest worth for putting in the extra effort into learning her moves. D.Va is a tank chaotic to put it simply. She is a dive tank and when you land in the middle of that firefight with that giant body, everyone suddenly stops moving.

D.Va has an amazing arsenal of abilities and weapons and she also got a makeover like Orisa but got a health bump and a little tweaks to her abilities. Her weapon – Fusion Cannon makes a lot of noise and can easily take down players up close.

D.Va has one of the most fun ultimate abilities of all the tank heroes and that is Self Destruct. D.Va can eject herself out of her armor suit and the suit will explode after a little countdown.

The explosion is enough to take down a whole team if they are in close proximity and even if someone is left, you can take them out with your boosters. If you want are experienced in Overwatch D.Va is a highly recommended hero.


Reinhardt - Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List

If you are looking for a slow but effective tank with an unmatched ultimate then Reinhardt is your man because he is a formidable tank that can block, kill, and knockback enemies with relative ease.

Reinhardt might be slow but he has plenty of things to make up for his bulky nature. Reinhardt has a wide shield with 1200 health and also regenerates when unequipped. Reinhardt will also have two Fire Strike charges that will launch at enemies and cause some serious damage.

The real star of the show is his ultimate Earth Shatter that will shake the cores of the enemies and is also impossible to defend against. All of these things are what make Reinhardt an S-Tier Tank.


Junker Queen

Junker Queen - Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List
Junker Queen

Junker Queen is the newest addition to Overwatch 2’s roster and probably can be called the rising star because of how effective she is even on her own. She has tons of useful abilities. Starting with Carnage Axe which when hits an enemy will put them in a wounded state and will take damage over time.

Her primary weapon, Scattergun, has high DPS and decent range that makes her even more useful as she doesn’t need anyone to cover for her. Aside from being a tank, she can also give a temporary speed and health boost to her team using her Commanding Shout.

Junker Queen’s ultimate ability will inflict a debuff on the enemy team, which will cause them to anti-heal


Sigma - Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List

A-Tier is all about being an amazing all-rounder with little to no effort. All the heroes in A-Tier are easy-to-use and require a low skill set and Sigma is no exception.

Sigma is a shield-oriented hero with a decent shield that can protect his allies efficiently. Sigma can not only use the shield to protect his allies but also use the incoming projectile and turn them into shields using his Kinetic Grasp ability.

His gun shoots bullets that can bounce off walls and obstacles and that gives you an opportunity to get more creative with his gun his ultimate ability – Gravity Flux, helps him disperse enemies while helping his teammates fall back at the same time if things get sticky.


Winston - Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List

Many might disagree with putting Winston in A-Tier but I think that he deserves to be here because he is a perfect balance between being a shield and helping his teammates gain steady ground.

Winston packs a good punch for being a tank with his Tesla Cannon that has a decent DPS and the secondary firing mode shoots out ranged charges. Overall Winston is a decent enough Tank and he deserves credit for being easy to use.


Roadhog - Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List

Roadhog looks like a tank and is truly worthy of the title. Roadhog also existed in the previous Overwatch but in Overwatch 2 he got a massive health bump and he also has the ability to self-heal which makes him almost impossible to kill.

If you have a solid healer on your team then you can leave the damage-eating to Roadhog and just focus on taking down the enemies. Roadhog carries a shotgun which might be short-ranged but to make up for that he has a hook that can pull the enemies closer and then shoot them right in the face taking them out in one shot.


Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball - Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List
Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball – The Hamster with his Mec is back in Overwatch 2 to put some enemies into the ground. Wrecking Ball is known for his highly disruptive moves that can offset the whole battlefield, especially the Roll move that will turn him into a ball and roll out of the firefight.

You might think that how can such a heavy hero move around but it can not only move but also swing around using his grappling claw and can get to a high vantage point to observe the battlefield and jump back into the action after much-needed recon.

Wrecking ball sure has a lot of health but not enough to keep it alive forever so be sure to not wander around a lot on your own and conserve your health when possible. It is recommended to use a combo of abilities to quickly finish enemies. Overall Wrecking Ball is a decent tank but not as good as all the other ones.


Zarya - Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List

Zarya the bubble shooter is another tank hero who has a slight learning curve and takes a bit of a strategic mindset to use. Zarya doesn’t have a giant shield that can protect everyone at the same time but she has bubbles that can either cover her or her teammates.

The bubbles are not unlimited and have a cooldown timer and this is the only thing that puts her in this tier. Like many other tank heroes who can cover everyone at the same time, she can either cover herself or other teammates at a given time.

Other than that she is a solid hero and can deal decent damage at close range but if we are judging her in terms of tank abilities then she lacks a little and falls in B-Tier.



Doomfist - Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List

We know that tanks are supposed to eat most of the damage coming towards their team while also keeping themselves alive. Doomfist falls in the last tier and that has a solid reason behind it.
Doomfist lacks a large health pool which is the primary requirement for a tank and if a tank goes down easily, how will he help his teammates? Doomfist performs well in a 1-1 combat situation but when he is stuck in a hoard of enemies, things can get sticky for him.

This was our take on the best tank heroes in Overwatch 2 and if you like it, make sure to check out our best support heroes and best damage heroes guide.

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