Overwatch 2: Best DPS Heroes

Overwatch 2’s hype is based on its ability to provide something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you like to play slow or play fast because this game has got something for you. Overwatch 2 features three different classes – Tank, Support, and Damage.

This guide is specifically about the gunners of the world who like to talk less and shoot more. Yes! we are talking about the Damage Class in Overwatch 2 and we are going to talk about the best damage heroes in Overwatch 2’s roster.

Damage Class in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 - Damage Class
Damage Heroes

Overwatch 2 has got something for everyone. If you are a slow and strategic person then you can play the support class. If you like to be big and loud then tanks are your pick but if you are the type who likes to run and gun then damage class is something that will surely suit your needs.

Damage Heroes are the main source of damage output in any team. Their primary job is to take down enemies and deal damage as much as possible. Damage Heroes are always on the move and constantly running around gunning anyone that comes into their line of sight.

Damage Hero’s abilities are focused on maximizing their damage output and dealing with enemies as swiftly as possible. They are quick, active, and have a keen focus on mobility, especially vertical mobility which includes, jumping, flying, or running on the walls.

Much like all the other classes, the damage class also has a passive ability that allows them to boost their speed and damage output for a couple of seconds after getting a kill. This gives them a much-needed buff to take down multiple enemies in one go.

Top Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2

There are a total of 17 Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2. All of them feature special abilities that set them apart from the rest of the heroes so it can be a bit confusing as to which one you should go for. Don’t worry because we have got a list of the top 5 best damage heroes in Overwatch 2.


Sojourn - Overwatch 2

Top of the list is the newly added hero – Sojourn. Sojourn is the hero that fits the definition of damage class which is run and gun. Sojourn doesn’t have any complex abilities so how does a hero with basic abilities, tops the list?

Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced and happening game where everyone is just going ham with their heroes, especially damage heroes. Sojourn stands out among all the other heroes because she requires precise aim and if you have that, nothing will stand in your way.

Sojourn features a fully automatic machine gun that has ample range and deals a decent amount of damage but the real star of the show is her secondary shot which shoots out a concentrated beam that has the ability to one-shot weakened enemy.

All you need to have is good aim and Sojourn will be a chaotic pick for you because, with that machine gun and secondary beam which charges quickly, you will be melting brains in no time. On top of this, she also has the Power Slide ability that allows her to slide a long distance and if you jump halfway through the slide, you will be shot up in the air giving you a good view of the battlefield.

She is not entirely basic in terms of abilities. Sojourn has the Disruptor Shot that will shoot a red-charged shot and it will create a field that will slow down and damage anyone that enters it, over time. Sojourn’s Overclock ability will allow her to shoot charged shots from the railgun that will pierce through enemies.


Genji - Overwatch 2

Second up on our list is none other than Genji. Genji is a cybernetic ninja that will launch shuriken as you have never seen before. Genji is a fast-paced damage hero with the potential to take down enemies in a single combo of attacks.

Genji also doesn’t have any complex abilities but rather simple ones which happen to be highly effective. The first ability is his Shuriken Throw which will launch three consecutive shurikens toward the enemy in either a straight line or an arc if you chose to use the secondary firing mode.

Each Shuriken deals a decent amount of damage and if you aim correctly and time them accordingly, you can deal devastating amounts of damage to low-health enemies with the possibility of taking them down.

The second attack is his Swift Strike where Genji will move quickly, damaging any player that comes in the way. It is highly recommended to use Shuriken Throw and Swift Strike in a combo to insta kill an enemy. You can also use the Swift Strike to get away, all you have to do is aim toward the sky and then use the ability.

Genji’s ultimate is superior to most heroes’ ultimate as it allows you to keep using your other abilities even when your ultimate is active. Dragonblade is basically a high-powered sword strike that chips off a good chunk of damage from the enemy’s health.

There is another reason that puts Genji so high up on the list and that is his deflect ability which will reflect any projectile or beam based attack back toward the enemy, without him taking any damage. This is one of the best counters to ranged attack in Overwatch 2.


Sombra - Overwatch 2

This is a bit of a controversial hero in this list but we have good reasons for it. Sombra is a tech-based hero who has the ability to hack into enemies’ systems and stop them from using abilities for a small period of time.

She can also become invisible and flank the enemy while they are focused on the show that your team will put for them. Sombra is a great hero but only when you have the full support of your team. First of all, she requires a high skill set to play as most of the time you will be flanking alone and being sneaky so if you get discovered in the enemy’s territory, you are done for.

Aside from her hacking ability, she can throw a beacon then she can teleport to it which makes retreating easier for her. Her Machine Pistol is enough to deal damage and take advantage of weakened enemies.

A lot of people will argue that Sombra is not a good pick but if you put enough time into practicing with her and understanding her abilities, then all you have to do is find a good team that will support you and you have got yourself a constant pain in the enemy’s bottom.


Bastion - Overwatch 2

Bastion, or more like a walking turret is one of the most OP damage heroes in Overwatch 2. Bastion has the ability to shift between his two forms. The first form is the primary form that allows him to move quickly with a light automatic machine gun that deals a good amount of damage.

His second form is when he turns into a walking Turrent with a bigger, more powerful gun that will pass through enemies like they are made of butter. This form is especially useful to take down Tanks and groups of enemies in general.

Bastion is notorious for being an overpowered hero with an insanely powerful weapon. He can switch between his two forms with an 8-second cooldown timer between the two forms. Another annoying ability of Bastion is his Tactical Grenade which will stick to either the enemy or the floor and detonate after a little bit.

Finally what puts him on this list is his ultimate which allows him to fix himself in a spot and start launching powerful artillery towards the enemy. This artillery has three shots but they are enough to wreak havoc.


Ashe - Overwatch 2

Ashe is another incredibly powerful Damage Hero that has the ability to easily take down enemies but the catch here is that Ashe uses a long-range weapon which is much like a sniper rifle but if you hit your shots, they will surely bring the enemy down to its knees.

Ashe’s main weapon is a semi-auto sniper that has a low rate of fire when aimed down sight but will deal more damage and while hip firing, the damage will drop but the rate of fire will increase. It is recommended to ads on long-range to take down enemies in just a few shots.

Ashe is not only good at long-range but can handle herself pretty well at close-range as well. Ashe has a powerful shotgun-like weapon that shoots out concentrated energy that will knock the enemy back to gain a bit of distance. You can use this weapon to launch yourself in the air when it is shot while aimed at the ground.

Finally, if all of this wasn’t enough, Ashe’s ultimate ability allows her to summon a robot – Bob that will shoot anything and everything that comes in its line of sight. He will keep walking and obliterating every enemy he sees.

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