How to Play Moira in Overwatch 2: Weapon, Abilities, Tips

Who needs weapons when your hands shoot. Don’t be confused because we are talking about Overwatch 2’s top healer, Moira. Overwatch 2 has a wide range of support players that aid the team in every way they can. Moira is part of the Support Roster.

Moira is an interesting character who can channel her inner energy and use it to help her allies and rain hellfire on her enemies. In this guide, we are going to talk more about Moira, her abilities, and how you can bring the best out of her. In case you missed it, we have a dedicated list of the best Support heroes in Overwatch 2.

Moira Class, Weapons, and Abilities

If you have picked Moira and want to know more about her before you land yourself in a match against some of the most try-hard players out there, you are in the right place because below we have mentioned everything there is to know about Moira.

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Moira is part of the Support Class.


Biotic Grasp (Primary Mode): Moira doesn’t hold any weapon in her hands but rather her hands are the weapons. Moira has the ability to emit a beam of Biotic Energy. If you are using the primary fire through her left hand with yellow nails, then the beam of energy will heal your teammates. It was a decent range as well.

Biotic Grasp (Secondary Mode): If you use the secondary firing mode through her right hand with purple nails then the same Biotic Energy that healed your teammates, will deal damage to the enemy. Healing Bitotic Energy can also be replenished by dealing damage to the enemy using this firing mode.


Biotic Orb: This is Moira’s primary ability and it is similar to a bubble shooter but instead of bubbles Moira shoots out orbs made out of her Biotic Energy. These orbs can bounce off any surface, allowing you to trick shots while giving you loads of range. Similar to Biotic Grasp, it has the ability to heal allies and damage enemies.

Fade: Fade is Moira’s ability to make herself invisible and get out of a tense situation easily. When this ability is activated, Moira will be completely invisible and invulnerable to any attacks but the downside is that you cannot use any of your abilities. It is best used to sneak up or reposition Moira.

Coalescence (Ultimate): This is Moira’s Ultimate ability where she will use all of her power and both of her hands to shoot out Biotic Energy Beam for 8 seconds. This beam will work like a normal attack where it heals allies and damage enemies but with an increased range of 30 meters and it can also pass through shields.

While this ability is activated Moira herself will gain a speed boost and healing buff causing the healing rate to be increased but she cannot use other abilities during this time.

Tips to Play Moira in Overwatch 2

Stay Alive

This seems like the most obvious tip but trust me this is the most crucial one as well. Moira doesn’t have the biggest health pool – 200 Health, so she dies rather quickly when going up against DPS players with a single shot doing 60 damage so it is best to stay behind cover because the longer you stay alive, the longer your team stays alive.

Use Healing Efficiently

Moira might be good at healing from a distance but she has a very limited amount of heals before she needs to switch to offense to refill her Biotic Energy gauge. Always keep a small amount of heals in stock for a rainy day.

Biotic Grasp will not pass through barriers but the Biotic Orbs will so choose the ability based on the situation you are in. Always remember that you are here to heal and not to score kills.

Stop Trickshotting and Shoot Straight

Moira’s Biotic Orbs can ricochet off the walls so it might be intimidating to do some trick shots but most of the time, the orb just keep bouncing off the walls and never reaches its intended target.

Only bounce it off something when it cannot reach there directly but all the time, just shoot in a straight line. Try not to use it in a small room because it will endlessly keep bouncing around.

A Fade in Time Gets You Out of a Bind

Fade in my opinion is one of its most underrated abilities of Moira. She literally becomes invisible, cannot take any damage, and shakes over every debuff inflicted on her so it is your get-out-of-jail-free card out of a messy fight.

Fade also has a secret trick where if you time your jump right at the moment your ability is about to end, you will launch yourself in the direction that you pointing, giving you an easy escape from the enemy.

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