How to Play League of Legends: Wild Rift on iPhone, iPad in Any Region

Wild Rift has recently launched its regional open beta. This means that anyone who lives in South East Asia can play the game. This, however, leaves a lot of players without a chance to play the game. Worry not though! We’ve figured out a way on how you can play Wild Rift from any region on your iPhone / iPad devices!

Wild Rift is the newest MOBA from Riot Games that takes inspiration from League of Legends, its PC counterpart. The game is currently seeing positive critical reviews for its performance and visual fidelity. You can check out the complete roster of champions available for Wild Rift here.

How To Play Wild Rift On iPhone / iOS

Apple has its own way to limit people from jumping regions. However, we have a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can dodge Apple’s strict security checks and play Wild Rift without the need of a whole lot of additional software.

Wild Rift UFO Vpn

Step 1 – Download UFO VPN

Sign into iCloud

Step 2 – Sign out of your iCloud / Apple account. (Be sure to keep your data backed up!)

Sign out of iCloud Account

Step 3 – Make a new Apple ID

Wild Rift iPhone iOS account

Step 4 – Select any Region you want to and click OK.

Step 5 – Open the Apple App Store

Wild Rift change country region

Step 6 – Change your region to Singapore. (For an address click here)

Step 7 – Download Wild Rift

Wild Rift iOS and iPhone

Step 8 – Login and enjoy the game!

Welcome to Wild Rift! Be sure to check out the regional open beta in great detail. If you need tips on how you can get started and what champions are a great fit for beginners, you might be interested in these articles:

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