What are QR Codes in Alan Wake Remastered

If you recently started playing the Alan Wake Remastered game, you may be confused with what are the QR codes for? The game was just released this week, taking the shape of an improved rendition of the original version by Remedy Entertainment back in 2010. The Psychological Thriller was recently released, giving light to updated textures, audio, and cinematic in 4k visuals.

Right out of the gate, players are noticing a considerable bump in texture quality and details in the environment and character model. Apart from visual enhancements, Alan Wake Remastered comes with an entirely new commentary track and a free next-gen upgrade.

What do the QR Codes Mean?

Alan Wake Remastered doesn’t specifically excel in the “new content” department, however, players have been sighting a heap of QR Codes all around the map. Alan Wake’s universe has always been full of quirks that don’t seem to have a clear purpose, the addition of QR codes to the game makes it intriguing.

Purpose of QR Codes

While players may consider the QR codes as a teaser for an upcoming sequel, the real purpose of their existence is merely to take the place of in-game advertisements that used to exist in the original version. As the contracts of such advertisements have been expired, the images have been removed and replaced with QR Codes.

Where do the QR Codes lead?

The only question that remains is, where do the codes actually lead? Well apparently, if you scan the code with your phone, you’re taken to a list of unlisted YouTube Videos showing footage of Alan Wake wildly typing away on his typewriter, composing the otherworldly text that puts the game’s events in motion.

Alan Wake Remastered QR Code

Unfortunately, these movies don’t really add much to the game’s story or “tease a sequel” for that matter. However, the footage does give a better look at some of the cutscenes that we can find on TVs hidden around the game.

Even though the QR codes don’t lead to any new trailed or tie up loose ends, it doesn’t mean we can stop expecting a sequel to this iconic game. Have you bought your copy of Alan Wake Remastered yet? Go pre-order on the platform of your choice!

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