Super Robot Wars 30 Save File Location

Bandai Namco’s role-playing strategy game has captivated fans around the world with exciting battles and new Pilots. With lots of achievements and Pilots to unlock, it’s important for players to locate their save game file and keep it secure from malware or data losses in your system.

With a playtime of 182 hours for a completionist run, it can be detrimental for players to lose all their in-game progress due to a single game file. Corrupted save game files are hardly recoverable and it’s best if you make a backup of your saves along your journey to protect your world’s future in Super Robot Wars 30.

Super Robot Wars 30 Save File Location

Super Robot Wars 30 allows you complete control over your save file, to the extent that you can modify and even replace your current save files with an external file. However, before you start tweaking sensitive game files, it’s best if you find out where the save file is actually located.

Save Game File Location

Here is the Web-link which you can paste in your system’s URL bar to find the save game file of Super Robot Wars 30:


Make sure to swap “Username” with your actual User ID in Windows.

If the above link doesn’t work for your game, you can open the run dialogue box and directly access the AppData Folder by entering %LocalAppData%. Next, you’ll need to head over to the Local folder and locate SRW30. In the SRW30 folder, you’ll be able to find your Save File.

Now that you have the save game file in your hands, go ahead and make a backup copy before making any changes to your file. New to Super Robot Wars 30? Learn the default PC controls for the game to improve your fighting skills!

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