How to Update Rosters in MLB The Show 21 | Complete Guide

MLB The Show 21 has the biggest roster ever seen in the franchise. With player stats being constantly altered and changed in correlation to real-time leagues and matches, here’s how you can update the rosters to make the best out of the players in accordance with their weekly performance. The feature now is implemented into the core dynamics of the game.

Players will have their stats constantly altered and changed by the game’s developers depending on their performance in recent matches and leagues. These changes are done in real-time and are primarily done to increase the immersion and realism of MLB The Show 21.

Updating Roster in MLB The Show 21

update rosters MLB the show 21

Before you go on about trying to update your roster, make sure you are connected to the Internet. As soon as you connect, all the new stats will automatically be added to the game. Player stats are downloaded whenever you launch the game on all platforms. Here are the steps you need to follow next to update your roster:

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  • Head to the Diamond Dynasty Menu
  • Select the Rosters option
  • Manually save the updated roster to your existing save file

Note: If you are offline, you’ll need to update your rosters the next time you re-connect. However, you still will be able to play the game just fine.

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