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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Update 1.10

Aliens: Fireteam Elite was just released earlier today and we now already have a list of known issues and problems from Cold iron Studios. Some of the issues with the PC version of the game on Steam were identified just before the launch, so the developers have already posted a workaround to the issue and we know a fix will be coming out in a future update.

Set in the iconic Alien universe, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a cooperative third-person survival shooter that drops your fireteam of hardened marines into a desperate fight to contain the evolving Xenomorph threat. There has been no day one patch for the game, but it is good to see the developers already highlighting an known issue with a workaround to fix it.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Known Issues

Here is an official list of all the Aliens: Fireteam Elite known issues, revealed by Cold iron Studios, as of updated on August 29, 2021:

Crash on Game Saves Because of Steam Profiles

Issue: Steam Profiles which contain special characters can create saves which crash on load.

UPDATE: This issue has now been fixed.

Workaround: The developers have found that Steam profile names with special characters, including the trademark symbol and bullet (™, •), make save files which crash the game upon loading. If you are affected by this then you will be able to create a character, but will be unable to enter the game’s hub area (the Endeavor hangar). If you do manage to access the Endeavor, then you are not affected by this issue.

The developers are aware of this issue and already have a fix that we will make available as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can try these workaround steps:

  • Change your profile name to not contain symbols and characters which cause this bug.
  • Shut off cloud saves using the Steam properties for the game.
  • Delete the save game found here: C:\Users\<USER NAME HERE>\AppData\Local\Endeavor.
  • Restart “Aliens: Fireteam Elite” and create a new character.
  • Once you’ve entered the first map successfully, you may turn on cloud saves and change your profile name back if you wish.

Some PlayStation players aren’t automatically granted their DLC items

Some PlayStation players are not being granted their pre-order or Deluxe edition items automatically. The developers apologize for the inconvenience.

The developers are working on a long term fix, but in the meantime, you can try these workarounds:

  • If you preordered the Standard Edition, then open the PlayStation Store from your console, search for Aliens: Fireteam Elite, then under the game’s DLC, manually download the Hardened Marine Pack. This should be a free download for you, and after it installs you will have access to its contents in-game.
  • If you preordered the Deluxe Edition, then you can follow the above steps and also download the Endeavor Veteran Pack.
  • Note: if you have the Deluxe Edition and are able to download the Endeavor Veteran Pack… don’t worry! Once the Endeavor Pass DLC Packs become available, they should be granted automatically to you.

Screen displays rapid white flashes on Xbox consoles

The developers are aware of an issue where players on Xbox may encounter a situation where the screen rapidly flashes white. This is an unintended effect and seems to be triggering for players using screens with a refresh rate above 100 Hz.

The developers are working on a long term fix, but in the meantime, you can try this workaround:

  • Try using a different monitor with a refresh rate below 100 Hz, and/or set your monitor to a refresh rate below 100 Hz.

More known issues:

Here is a list of some of the known issues that the developers are still working on:

  • “Cannot join game” matchmaking errors.
  • Charge based abilities don’t benefit from Cooldown Reduction Perks.
  • Automatic weapons gunfire sound can sometimes get stuck on a loop.
  • Some players are not being awarded the Specialist Elite Kit Skin appropriately upon reaching Rank 8.
  • Difficulty setting doesn’t save after a mission failure if the group is found through matchmaking.

As always, we’ll be providing you with complete information about the patch notes for Aliens: Fireteam Elite as soon as they are released with the above fixes. You can report bugs and other issues in the official discussion community. Are you facing an issue other than the ones mentioned above? Let us know in the comments down below!

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is now out for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox series X/S platforms. If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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  1. Remington E White Avatar
    Remington E White

    I’m on ps4 and it’s not allowing my friends to join by saying a failed invite screen and it’s really bumming the experience out.

    1. Joseph . Avatar
      Joseph .

      If you have the game saved on in external memory drive, you move it to the internal memory drive of the system. Helped my brother so we could play.

      1. Are you referring to progress saves?
        Like my buddy was running the game and I was in his squad but we went to play the next day and we had to start from the beginning cause his game gave me no saved progress

        1. Kerryanne Avatar

          Hey did you get a fix for this? I was legit about to complete the last mission and it crashed…now back to the start :/

  2. keeps crashing on xbox one, when playing online with random people.

    1. Certain missions don’t load the textures properly causing it to look god awful. Anyone else have this?

  3. Just in me Avatar
    Just in me

    I’m on Xbox and it won’t let me collect the gift of fires :recon, Intel the magazine and the pathogen jar. So I can’t complete the achievement 🙁

    1. Pinbot16 Avatar

      I got the same issue it’s driving me crazy!

      1. dreamDrainer Avatar

        I cant start that misson, it just goes down.

      2. Same issue, even after this latest patch. I still need Gift of fire intel #1 and #2. I have actually picked them up when I first found them, but have not recieved credit for them. Still shows classified, but replaying the mission, the intel is not available. I can however still “ping” the intel. Hoping for a fix soon….

    2. Liam Spruce Avatar
      Liam Spruce

      Ditto for this problem laptop was okay the others are bugged.

    3. William Docherty Avatar
      William Docherty

      I can pick these up either and a friend can’t

    4. I’ve got the same thing and I’m really fed up with it as for the game I like it it’s just when you see the people getting what you need to get this achievement it just not fair

  4. Cameron Avatar

    Will delete saved game data and will have to replay missions in order to get back the gear and credits I lost after it deletes all my stuff.

    1. Robin Daehler Avatar
      Robin Daehler

      Same lost allot of gear and credits

  5. Restart “Aliens: Fireteam Elite” and create a new character.

  6. Takashi Avatar

    Game just drops Frame rates and lags like crazy with other people

  7. On PS4, game stuck on “Aknowledgment” screen. Reinstalled 4 times, same problem.

  8. DenverDabber Avatar

    Anyone else having issues with Intel not loading in? I’m only missing the last two intels on Chapter 3 Mission 1 and I know where they are but they never spawn for me to click on them. Super frustrating.

    1. Lucas James Xart Avatar
      Lucas James Xart

      I have the same issue and i don’t know how to fix this. Just know you’re not alone.

    2. Elric Tucker Avatar
      Elric Tucker

      I’m missing four that I cannot pick up and now I with the small patch that came out I no longer have the first one on the endeavor. Can’t even pick it up to replace the Intel that I had.

    3. Darthkalis Avatar

      Yeah I’m missing log 1 n log 2 as well n I look right at the Intel n it doesn’t seem to allow pick up. Hopefully with new patch update they fixed this issue.

    4. William Docherty Avatar
      William Docherty

      Same ere can’t pick up

  9. DuVaughn Avatar

    On Xbox One, I can’t find any of my friends, can’t play solo campaigns, when it tries to play, lose network every time, I’ve uninstalled and reinstall too many times and still get the same results. Definitely needs to be fixed before I play it

    1. Bro same thing here and I can’t find shit about it I
      Online, I’ve reinstalled it like 4 times and it’s like multiplayer is non existent like it won’t let me invite people and the mission countdown doesn’t event work

  10. I just entered the game and all the progress of the last game has been lost, weapons and missions level progress, enough wasting time, definitely this game should not exist
    Xbox one x

  11. Anthony Avatar

    On PS5 getting an error when updating to latest version, just says something went wrong. I’ve cleared my cache, deleted and reinstalled and still not working.

  12. Pinbot16 Avatar

    The devs should lose the license to make games in the future this isn’t acceptable to realise so broken game!They did have one job and didn’t bother testing it!Also they may have done this on propose so they get paid extra by the company for realising the patches!

  13. Pinbot16 Avatar

    The devs should lose the license to make any games in the future this isn’t acceptable to realise so broken game!They did have one job and didn’t bother testing it!Also they may have done this on propose so they get paid extra by the company for realising the patches!

  14. Kali_Baba40Thieves Avatar

    After beating Giants in the Earth: Evacuate (2nd campaign, 3rd level) on the PS4, it does not allow me to progress to the 3rd campaign missions. I have beat it multiple times with the same results. Every time I complete it, I am only allowed to return to base, and never allowed to progress, as it states the 3rd campaign is still locked. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, is there a way around it, or does Cold Iron need to fix a glitch on their end?

    1. Yes, I have the same problem but with Giants in the Earth. I have played through the all first campaign missions several times over and it never unlocks the second campaign for me.

    2. Jonathan Greig Avatar
      Jonathan Greig

      Try talking to the NPCs in your hanger before starting the mission.

    3. I’m the same. Can’t progress to Stage 3, even though I completed all 6 missions in stage 1 and 2

      Please fix this! My friends are waiting for me lol.

    4. Yup, played it twice in a row with my friends tonight, and they could advance, but I could not. Seriously upsetting since I was the impetus of them all buying the game, and now I’m the one who cannot advance

  15. Lewis Perry Avatar
    Lewis Perry

    I was playing the first mission on the gift of fire campaign and all of a sudden it crashed, and when I went back in the game it had completely reset as if I have never played it before. IF COLD IRON STUDIOS DOESN’T FIX THIS SOON I WILL FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM AND THEY BETTER FIND A WAY I CAN GET ALL OF THE DELUXE CONTENT SINCE I ONLY GOT HALF OF IT.

  16. SleepingBeautyR Avatar

    This game is broken…FIX IT! I was playing on xbox one s and I’ve just bought the Series S so it’s faster and its still broken! Fuming.

  17. MartianBear2 Avatar

    The gift of fire:recon and advance intel wont allow me to pick them up. Only gotten one of each mission, plus lagging and stuttering while playing with other players.

  18. I plaid the game last night on Xbox series s. Today all my exp was gone and i was back on level 1, all items where gone as well….

  19. William fry Avatar
    William fry

    I play on Xbox 1 and when I play the gunner class there are times where I can’t shoot anything roll or pick nothing up. Then I have to restart the mission to fix it. It happens often

  20. STAF Dk Avatar

    Been trying to play this with a friend, but there are endless connection issues, as well as we have both had our character progress deleted. Me after the first session, doing the first 2 chapters of campaign 1, and my buddy after (yet another) connection fail earlier this evening, resulting in a 3 maps setback. We gad to do campaign 1 chapter 3, and campaign 2 chapters 1+2 all over again, to get to where we left off, but after campaign 2 chapter 1, the game kept disconnecting us at mission launch, and after 5 or so attempts we gave up on it.
    Seriously, releasing a game this flawed is a huge insult to the customers, paying good money for it, all in good faith.
    Hope it gets fixed soon, because right now, this feels like money out the window. Get your sh*t together Cold Iron!

  21. Won’t allow me to pick up intel in the gift of fire-recon

  22. NeoFletcher Avatar

    I’m playing on the Xbox Series X and I don’t know if this is a problem for anyone else or if the devs just made it like this, but none of the NPC’s lips move when they are talking. Were they just too lazy to animate this or is this an actual bug. It’s dumb and takes away from the experience of the game.

    1. Im on Series X and i cant even get past the End User License Agreement screen.

      1. I’m having the same problem Mike

  23. Frozentears Avatar

    Played on intense difficulty and got the trophy for competition but no metallic red camo

  24. I’ve spent hours on this getting through it, doing many mission over and over with friends helping them through the campaign, then I went to play the first Gift Of Fire mission and the game crashed and closed itself, then when I reloaded it I’ve now lost all my progress, lost all my equipment and rank and and all missions are locked again as if I’m a new player.

    Not wasting all them hours I’ve spent on it for nothing. I want my money back

  25. I am trying to join a game with someone else. I have been playing with bots only. I am able to to queue with players, but these two guys had new xboxes and they went to the lvl while I was still in the loading screen. And then it just tilts lost connection to host or then i am in the hangar. Back. It is really frustrating that I bought this game for co-op and it doesnt work..

    Any ideas? And yeah i’m also in the xbox system beta team for the system updates, I dont know if that bugs also..

    1. Now i re-installed the game and lost my progress on levels but my guns are still intact.

      I managed yesterday play one game with a human player. We werent in a party and the challenge cards were off.

      All the other tries have been failed.

  26. Certain missions don’t load the textures properly causing it to look god awful. Anyone else have this?

  27. Joshua Seymour Avatar
    Joshua Seymour

    My mates and I have an issue with not being able to do the second lot of missions even after completing the first lot it keeps telling us that the mission or difficulty isn’t unlocked

    1. David Hunter Avatar
      David Hunter

      Yep that’s where we are at. Infuriating. It’s actually unlocked for me but not for my mate

  28. Anybody having issue of daily tactical not working?

  29. 9/4 only issue I’m having with the game is the final mission, every time I make it to the end the game crashed for me and I get error. Pretty sure this is only happening to disk only players. I’m also playing on the original ps4 maybe it just can’t handle that last mission. Really dumb how I have GameCube games that never crash and still work fine but here we are in 2021 and people can’t even make a complete game. It’s a horde game too not even that hard

  30. Tom healy Avatar

    Gameplay is glitchy , sound of weapons fades in and out and random audio static at certain points of the game. Very dissatisfied

  31. I bought this for PC, while I was able to join a game with my brother the first level we played the horde of Aliens we encountered were immortal and didn’t deal damage. I have requested steam for a refund

  32. Game constantly saying saving but not saving when games are finished so when turn Xbox off nothing has saved when you turn it back on

  33. This game it’s very close to become unplayable , can’t pass the last part of the second mission without the crashing on me . The fps drastically drops making it awful , there’s really bad sound glitches , also the game crashes before loading a mission . Sheesh and Cyberpunk 2077 is a mess , don’t want to know what’ll become of this game but it’s most definitely broken and not ready to be played

  34. Richard Cox Avatar
    Richard Cox

    Have brought all attachments from the store but achivement for having one of each attachment is only showing only 96%.

  35. Played on PS4 originally, managed to secured a PS5 and the saved data only work if I play PS4 version on PS5. If I play as PS5 version, have to start like a new character lol

  36. I finished the 3rd mission on giants in the earth and it hasn’t unlocked the gift of fire mission. On Playstation 5.

    I’m to the point where I’ve done completed the mission 15+ times and nothing has unlocked for me.
    I call my quits on this game..

  38. Donavan Ariza Avatar
    Donavan Ariza

    I’ve bought the same gun twice and it takes it away from my inventory everything I turn off my Xbox.

    I was honestly having a good time until this has been going on. Please fix this. Cause I’m getting pretty frustrated at this point.

  39. On my Xbox One, I found the “lost connection to host” error went away once I plugged my xbox into my router for a wired connection vs going over wireless. It seems odd because I have gig internet and an AC1200 wireless router, but it works now.

  40. Jamie Duquette Avatar
    Jamie Duquette

    I’m still cannot pick up the last two Intel’s from gift of fire mission #1. However the latest issue I’m noticing is that I am constantly freezing and then starting and after about ten times of this the game shuts down and sends me back to my Xbox dashboard with all my items consumed and no experience awarded. Haven’t found a way to contact the developers yet to express the issue.

  41. On Xbox, first map on Gift of Fire crashes about a minute in

  42. I’ve been having the issue where the game will crash mid-playthrough and then I’ll get bumped back to a lower level. It’ll take all my progress but if I’ve purchased items, the credits will still be gone. All over a stinky experience and rather demoralizing.

  43. Was playing today on xbox series X and have been having fun with the game for about 2 days now. Was on the final mission of the campaign, at the final “stand your ground” room, when the game suddenly crashed, i got a black screen, then was brought back to the xbox home screen. I restarted the game, and had lost all of the progress i had made that playthrough, which is to say about half of the campaign and all of my levels/perks/guns/cosmetics etc that i had purchased during that session.

    Officially done with this game now, why on earth would I continue to play a game where my progress could be randomly reset at any given point in time.

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