All Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

Everyone has been fantasizing about their adventures in the Wizarding World since the first book’s success, and finally, that dream is about to come true for many fans. This game is a very faithful rendition of this universe from the looks of it and Harry Potter enthusiasts are eager to find out what parts of the lore are making their way in this RPG.

Here we will be delving into the beasts that are featured in Hogwarts Legacy. The world will be chock full of magical animals and the recent showcase has revealed a few. So read along to find out what’s in store for our fantastical adventure. For all the spells that are shown in Hogwarts Legacy check this article out.

All Hogwarts Legacy Beasts

Hogwarts and the areas surrounding it will be littered with amazing creatures. Some will be cutesy and friendly while others will be ferocious and should be avoided.


Hogwarts legacy graphorn 1

This creature was first featured in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, these Cthulhu-Tiger-Bull hybrids are terrifying to look at and have an attitude to back that up so be very careful when they are near. Even their skin is supposedly tougher than a dragon’s.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Game Details

What magical world doesn’t have dragons? These are a staple in the genre and surely are seen in the trailer, flying about in the land, I just hope they don’t get offended by any flybys on my broom. These will certainly be bosses and according to the stories would be guarding entrances to valuable areas.


Hogwarts legacy niffler

You must have seen this mischievous darling in the Fantastic Beasts movie, and if you remember them correctly then you won’t be fooled by their cuteness. A fantastic tracker and treasure hoarder these guys will surely be a nuisance when encountered in the world. You can keep them as companions and even brush them. Don’t let him steal it though!


hogwarts legacy hippogriff

A majestic beast in the universe plays a significant role in Harry Potter’s adventure. These creatures are half horse half eagle and according to the trailers are also mountable. You can fly across the map on the backs of these. Whether its an actual mode of transport for our character or just special mission is yet to be seen.


Hogwarts Legacy Mooncalves

Beasts that only come out on full moon nights. Their eyes are huge and the charm is not lost on us. Now we have to sneak out at night to encounter these. It can be seen in the trailer that the player is feeding the animal and they are loving it.


Hogwarts Legacy troll

Who doesn’t remember that intense fight with the troll in the bathroom in the first Harry Potter movie? These creatures were bound to be bosses and here they are. With their hulking physique to their massive weapons, they will truly be menacing to fight. What other troll variants we will encounter are yet to be seen.


Hogwarts legacy acromantula

All you arachnophobes out there rejoice your worst nightmares are coming to this game. These giant spiders grow to insane sizes, though the trailers have only revealed the small ones be certain there will be mini-boss fights involving massive spiders like the legendary Aragog of the Forbidden Forest.


Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper 1024x576 1

Awwww! Look at these little birdies. These creatures are deceptively adorable as their songs can drive the listeners insane, and according to the lore each one of these birds is sold with a Silencing Charm. Will these be friends or foes is yet to be seen.

Are you liking the collection of beasts in Hogwarts Legacy? What other beasts do you want the developers to add to the game? Let us know in the comments below. And for more gaming news and guides check out our website.

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