All Fortnite Chapter 3 Week 10 Challenges & How To Complete Them

fortnite chapter 3

Fortnite weekly challenges the players to complete some quests and earn XP for the Battle Pass. Chapter 3 Season 1 Week 10’s challenges are available now and we have them right here. The challenges are ranging from simple to tedious and we’ll be helping you out to make it easier. The details of what you can do are listed below so let’s get to it.

7 challenges are added to the previous mix and can be done in any way you would like. These quests can be easily achieved Alone or with the help of some friends. So let us see what’s in store for us.

All Chapter 3 Season 1 Week 10 Quests / Challenges

Each Challenge is listed right here for Week 10:

  • Damage players with a Clinger (100)
  • Get 3 seconds of airtime in a vehicle (1)
  • Build structures (20)
  • Use bandages (10)
  • Catch a gun while fishing (1)
  • Use different ziplines in a single match (3)
  • Destroy mailboxes at Sleepy Sound or Tilted Towers (5)

Damage players with a Clinger

Find the Clinger grenade and use it to deal 100 points of health damage to players. The damage can be to one player or spread amongst multiple players. It is advised to this challenge with a friend as one can distract the enemy while the Clinger holder will get the bomb stuck to the player.

clinger fortnite

Get 3 Seconds of Airtime in a Vehicle

For this challenge you have to stay in the air for 3 seconds in any type of vehicle, can be a car or a boat. The easy location to complete this is the one in the picture below. The island has a big ramp and a rocket booster boat besides that. Use the boat to boost up the ramp and make your way towards the huge statue in the middle. The statue has air vents all around that will propel your boat in the air enough that you’ll easily complete this challenge.

image 141
Boat and Ramp Location

Build Structures

An easy one where you just have to Build 20 structures either do it in a single match or multiple it is your call.

Fortnite Building Slopes
Building Structure

Use Bandages

Another easy challenge where you just have to heal up using the bandages item 10 times. Can be made easier if you visit the location below to use the mending machine to get yourself the bandages instead of finding them. 20 gold bars will give you 10 bandages. Again either do it in one game or multiple up to you.

image 142
Mending Machine Location

Catch a gun while fishing

Go to the location in the picture below get yourself a Fishing Rod and start fishing and test your luck. You’ll be able to find a gun in no time hopefully, just keep throwing that hook back in till you catch a gun. 1 gun is all that is needed for the challenge.

image 143
Fishing Rod location

Use Different Ziplines in a Single Match

For this challenge, you have to use 3 ziplines. The best place for this is the Daily Bugle specifically the point in the picture. Here you’ll see a zipline and when you are moving along the said zipline you can look down to see other ziplines all over this location. Just position yourself proper and you can jump from one zipline to another and before you know it you’ll be done with this challenge.

image 144
Zipline Location

Destroy Mailboxes at Sleepy Sound or Tilted Towers

Visit one of the two locations mentioned in the challenge and try to go there in Team Rumble cause you’ll have a gun by default. Locate 5 of these mailboxes and shoot and destroy them and that’s it.

mailbox fortnite

Hopefully, this guide has given you some pointers on all the challenges you need to complete in order to complete all your Week 10 quests in Fortnite.

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