All Fortnite Chapter 3 Week 9 Challenges & How To Complete Them

fortnite chapter 3 season 1 week 9 weekly challenges

Fortnite has weekly challenges for the players to complete and earn XP for the Battle Pass. Chapter 3 Season 1 Week 9’s challenges are available now and we have them listed right here. The challenges are ranging from simple to tedious and we’ll be helping you out to make it easier. The details of what you can do are listed below so let’s get to it.

7 challenges are added to the previous mix and can be done in any way you would like. These quests can be easily achieved Alone or with the help of some friends. So let us see what’s in store for us.

All Chapter 3 Season 1 Week 9 Quests / Challenges

Each Challenge is listed right here for Week 9:

  • Reach Max Shields in Different Matches (3)
  • Loot Supply Drops (2)
  • Ignite Structures (10)
  • Restore Health in the Storm (1)
  • Destroy Hiding Places (5)
  • Visit Different Named Locations in a Single Match (5)
  • Deal Damage to Opponents with the Heavy Shotgun (200)

Reach Max Shields in Different Matches

This requires the player to gain the maximum level of the shield in 3 different Matches. Shields can be acquired through the Shield potions or by destroying the tankers with the shield potion in them, the latter way gives the maximum shield instantly. Players can quit the match as soon as they get the full shield and start another match to do it again, 3 times in total is required, and no need to stay for the full match.

image 86
Shield Potion Tanker

Loot Supply Drops

2 Supply drops or boxes should be looted to complete this challenge. The best location for this is the Covert Cavern where once you defeat the Gunner Boss in there, the vault that opens up, as a result, will have 4 Supply Drop boxes and you can be done with the challenge in one single swipe.

image 87
Covert Cavern Location

Ignite Structures

For this challenge, the player must burn 10 structure which includes wooden buildings and trees. The player can use a flare gun if they find it and shoot at the said structures but the best way of doing it would be to visit the location marked below which contains Firefly Jars. These jars once collected can be thrown at the trees located in the same location. Burn 10 of them that’s it.

image 88
Firefly Jars Location

Restore Health in the Storm

Pretty easy solution for this challenge as players must venture inside the storm and wait for the health to go down and use any healing item they have to restore health to the max. Best way of doing it would be to equip a Guzzle Juice and use it once once a bit of health goes down.

image 89

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Destroy Hiding Places

This challenge requires the player to destroy 5 hiding places in any of the matches. To maximize the number of hiding places you come accross in a single match visit this location where 3 Porta Potties will be right next to each other. This will make it easier

image 90
3 Porta Potty Location

Visit Different Named Locations in a Single Match

Now this challenge requires a bit of work as you have to visit 5 different named locations, not just any random ones, in a single game. By visiting the location in the first picture below you can acquire the Spiderman Gloves stuck to a tree. Once you have the Gloves start making your way across from The Joneses to Condo Canyon to Chonker’s Speedway to Rocky Reels to Tilted Towers.

image 91
Spiderman Gloves Location
image 92
5 Locations

Deal Damage to Opponents with the Heavy Shotgun

This challenge is straight away one where you have to get the Heavy Shotgun first and shoot and deal 200 points worth of damage to enemies. Kills aren’t even required for this challenge.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some pointers on all the challenges you need to complete in order to complete all your Week 9 quests in Fortnite.

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