All Star Tower Defense Codes (September 2022) – Free Gems, Gold, EXP

Who doesn’t like free stuff these days? It is a rare phenomenon that developers are giving back to the community rather than milking them for more money. Roblox‘s longstanding and devoted community knows about free codes that developers like to release for a limited time so that everyone can get some free rewards.

This guide specifically targets free codes for All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) and along with that if you are new to Roblox, we will also explain what are free codes and how you can redeem them in Roblox to get yourself some free items.

All Star Tower Defense Codes (September 2022)

All Star Tower Defense is one of the highest-rated games in Roblox with thousands of players, playing every single day. Every so often the developers release game codes that will allow you to grab some free resources such as gems or any other collectible item.

Active ASTD Codes

Following are all the active codes for All Star Tower Defense.

stardustupdate5000 Gems
Hooray50k400 Gems
ASTDDragonoidBakuganDragonoid mount
1millikes650 Gems and EXP IV
Active Codes

Expired ASTD Codes

Following are all the expired codes for All Star Tower Defense.

  • summerwoo2022
  • owouch
  • changesjune
  • newcode150knoleakingplsnavyxflameyt
  • ticketupdate
  • allstarspring
  • newaprilupdate
  • astd1millikes
  • ultramove
  • superwoop
  • 1mgroupmembers
  • themadao
  • world2ishere
  • -astddevs
  • astdx2022
  • merrychristmas2k21
  • winterbreakwhen
  • KingLuffyFan200k
  • december2021
  • thecityofangels

How to Get Free Rewards in Roblox

Roblox has an ever-growing fanbase with new players joining every single day. With over 42 million players worldwide and the majority being diehard fans. The developers felt the need to give back to such a dedicated community.

For that reason, they rolled out free redeemable codes that can be used by the players to get free stuff in-game. These codes are alphanumeric combinations that are valid for a limited time and a great way to earn some free rewards.

These codes are officially released on Twitter, Discord, and Roblox Game Page. Be sure to keep checking them out periodically because there is no pattern of release and checking back often increases your chances of getting these free codes.

How to Redeem All Stars Tower Defense Codes in Roblox

Redeeming a code is simpler than you think. All you have to do is to follow the steps below to redeem a free code for All Stars Tower Defense.

  1. Join All Stars Tower Defense Game in Roblox.
  1. After joining, tap on the gear icon in the bottom right corner.
  1. Enter the code in the box and press enter to redeem the code.

All of the codes are courtesy of Roblox Developer and this page will keep updating and adding new codes so be sure to keep checking back for the latest updates.

For everything related to Roblox, check out our Roblox section for more details. And for more free rewards and cool gifts for other games, visit our Redeem Codes section.

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