How to Backup Worlds in Valheim on Google Drive / Dropbox

If you’ve been trekking around the world of Valheim like us, you might have known about a pesky bug that a lot of users are facing nowadays. Sometimes, your Valheim world does not save properly and ends up being corrupted. This leaves you with a completely barren world, with all your progress in that world seemingly being lost. To avoid these bugs taking over your world here’s how you can backup worlds in Valheim on Google Drive or Dropbox quickly and efficiently.

While there are other ways to store your world and to save them from being corrupt, we here at BRGeeks feel like going for a cloud solution makes the most sense as other players in your server can also download the world and host it in moments where the primary host can’t. They can then replace the existing backup with the new one if any new progress has been made.

How to Backup Worlds in Valheim

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Currently, Valheim uses Steam Cloud Backups to keep an online backup of your world. However, most of the time, these backups end up being corrupted as well. If that isn’t the case and you wish to download a Steam Backup world, you can do so. You will need to use your locally stored save file and upload it to the cloud in most cases. Here’s how you can do so.

  • Open Windows Search (WIN + R)
  • Type in %appdata%
  • Go to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\worlds
  • Copy everything in the folder and uploaded it to either Google Drive or Dropbox

After you are done with the upload, you can let your friends access these files by sharing the file’s link to them. After you are done with your gaming session, we recommend saving your game file manually and then uploading it to the cloud to have a recent backup if the bug affects your game world.

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How to Manually Save in Valheim

Valheim automatically saves after every 30 minutes. Sometimes, this might not be enough, especially if you are going to be logging out soon. Here’s how you can manually save a Valheim game:

  • Press F5
  • Open the console and type in Save

If the world lags out for a second and a Saving indicator appears on the top-left of your screen, you have sucessfully saved the game!

Note: You will need Admin permissions before you can Save your world.

Currently, the Developers have still not been able to fix this pesky world corruption bug. So, in order to make sure that your progress isn’t instantly wiped out, you should be making regular backups of your world as there still is no indication as to why this bug occurs in the first place.

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