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Elden Ring has just been released and we have all the various settings for the PC version right here for you. From game options, all the way to the graphics setting everything is mentioned here so scroll down and look at all that you can control in Elden Ring. To check whether your system can run the game you can check out the system requirements.

The game has been released in a relatively playable state with a few bugs that have been plaguing many players, including the controllers not working and frame stuttering. So to fix all these known issues stay up to date with our site. So let’s find out what are all the options Elden Rings has in its settings.

All Elden Ring PC Settings

You can find all the settings for Elden Ring PC down below. The images and settings shown down below are Default. However, you can change them according to what you see fit.

Game Options

These options are how you interact with the world of Elden Ring. The way you target your enemies is crucial. Adjust according to your needs.

eldenring Screenshot 2022.03.01
Name Settings
Toggle Auto Lock-OnOn
Manual Attack AimingOn
Controller Vibration10

Camera Options

The speed at which you can control your camera is adjustable here and anytime the camera goes crazy near walls can also be rectified.

eldenring Screenshot 2022.03.01
Camera X-AxisNormal
Camera Y-AxisNormal
Reset Camera Y-AxisOff
Camera Speed5
Camera Auto Wall RecoveryOn
Cinematic EffectsOn

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Sound And Display

Here you can adjust all the things that show up on your display or HUD and the sound mix you would like to choose.

eldenring Screenshot 2022.03.01
Display BloodOn
Show TutorialsOn
Adjust BrightnessSlider to adjust accrodingly
Adjust Image QualityAvailable when HDR is on
Device for On-Screen PromptsGame Pad
Master Volume10
Sound Effects7


These settings will adjust how you go about using the multiplayer options in the game. Choose settings with your own volition.

eldenring Screenshot 2022.03.01
Cross-Region PlayNo Matchmaking
Send Summon SignDisable
Launch SettingsPlay Offline
Data Usage AgreementDecline

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Controller Settings

These options will let you bind any action to your desired button on the Controller. Selecting the Button Settings will open up the menu to change each button according to your preference. It displays the whole controller and what each button does.

eldenring Screenshot 2022.03.01

Keyboard/Mouse Settings

These options will let you bind any action to your desired button on the keyboard and mouse. Selecting the Key Bindings will open up the menu to change each button according to your preference. With mouse sensitivity options too.

eldenring Screenshot 2022.03.01
ControlsKey Bindings
Mouse Sensitivity5
Mouse X-AxisNormal
Mouse Y-AxisNormal


This option will look into all the graphical settings you can control and change according to your specific machine, option to auto detect is also available for a quick solution, while you can tweak each aspect in the Advanced Settings.

eldenring Screenshot 2022.03.01
Screen ModeFullscreen
Auto-Detect Best Rendering SettingsOn
Quality SettingsCustom
Advanced SettingsAdvanced Settings
eldenring Screenshot 2022.03.01
Texture QualityMedium
Antialiasing QualityHigh
Depth Of FieldOff
Motion BlurOff
Shadow QualityMaximum
Lighting QualityHigh
Effects QualityHigh
Volumetric QualityHigh
Reflection QualityHigh
Water Surface QualityHigh
Shader QualityMedium
Global Illumination QualityHigh
Grass QualityMedium

For a detailed look into the best graphics settings depending on your PC build, we have a detailed guide here that you can read through.

These are all the options at your disposal in Elden Ring. What options do you prefer to change as soon as possible? Comment below and let us know. And for everything Elden Ring related and more tips, check out our Elden Ring section.

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