Best Final Fantasy XIV Addons (UI and Visuals) in August 2022

Best FFXIV Addons

Final Fantasy XIV is the fastest-growing MMO of recent times and it is garnering more and more players every day. There is tons of content in the game such as massive dungeons, customization options, and much more. While the game looks gorgeous on its own, you can make it even better thanks to addons and mods. That is why this guide will take a look at the best FF14 mods.

Keep in mind that Square Enix is usually against third-party software and if you use mods to enhance your performance or impact the game, you can potentially get banned. However, they won’t mind at all if you just use the mods to improve texture quality or change the UI color. With that said, let’s dive right in and find out the best Final Fantasy 14 addons this month.

Final Fantasy 14: FF14 Mods / Addons (August 2022)

These FF14 mods and addons are only available on PC so if you play on PlayStation, you won’t be able to download and install these mods. If you are new to the modding scene, worry not because we will show you how to install the mods in your game. Also, all of the mods mentioned in this list are completely safe to use as they are purely cosmetic enhancements and do not affect the gameplay whatsoever.

How to Install Mods in Final Fantasy XIV

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy XIV does not have a featured launcher like Cursedforge that can install and remove mods with a single click. You will have to manually download the mods from Nexus Mod and paste them into specified folders of your game.

All of the mods mentioned below do a superb job at explaining how to install the mods and which folder you have to paste each specific addon. With that said, let’s take a look at the best FFXIV addons.

Face Defined

Best FFXIV Addons in December 2021

The first addon in our list will be the Face Defined. Downloading and installing this mod will improve the vanilla face textures of all characters and enhance them. Not only that but this mod also includes the Defined Eye mod as well. It will improve character eyes and faces alike. The characters look good in the base game but having this small mod can improve your experience a lot.

Hair Defined

Hair Defined

Speaking of improving character textures, installing the Hair Defined mod is essential with the previous one. This mod not only improves hair textures on the character’s head, but also makes the eyebrows, eyelashes, and facial hair look immaculate. There are more than 1000 improved hair textures thanks to this mod. If you are using the Face Defined one, we highly suggest that you use this as well.

Alive Gshade Preset

Best FFXIV Addons in December 2021

Alive Gshade Preset is one of the best FFXIV addons available right now. This will make your game feel completely fresh yet have the same essence. The world of Eorzea becomes so vibrant and colorful thanks to enhanced shading techniques and improved depth of field effects. However, this mod can be quite taxing on your PC so make sure that you have beefy hardware to run it properly.

Advanced Combat Tracker

Advanced Combat Tracker

If you are a player that participates in a lot of raids, this mod is ideal for you. Also known as the DPS Meter, this addon will keep a record of all data like DPS caused, amount of healing done, damage soaked, etc. Getting this mod will improve your job rotation and help you find your weak spots that you can improve later on in future raids.

One thing to keep in mind is that this mod should only be used for personal growth and not to flame other players that don’t deal enough DPS or perform enough healing. Doing so can get you banned so be extremely careful that you do not use this information to harass other players.

Material UI

Material UI

The Material UI mod improves your UI and makes it cleaner. This addon brings in some new job icons and makes the bars cleaner and simpler. As of right now, the mod only supports a dark theme but in the future, there will be updates to add in more colors. Inventory and UI management are crucial in Final Fantasy 14 so make sure that you download this mod.

The Material UI helps you keep track of your inventory conveniently and even has coordinates for the nearby treasure chests. This feature fits in perfectly with our next mod on the list.

Moogle Maps

Best FFXIV Addons in December 2021

Speaking of finding coordinates of treasure chests, then this mod is just for you. After installing this addon, you will be able to easily spot the treasure chests simply due to a change in textures. This will make daily hunting extremely convenient for you and your party. You will get the location of daily chests on your map which will save you a lot of time and effort.

Touch of Real

Best FFXIV Addons in December 2021

As you would have guessed by the name, this mod enhances the texture of the character’s face. This – mixed with the Face Defined mod – makes the characters look extremely nice. Since you will be looking at your character most of the time, you must use this mod to make them look better.

Those were all the best Final Fantasy 14 addons and mods that you can download. If more amazing mods get released, we will update this list to incorporate them. Let us know in the comments below if you liked the mods mentioned in this list or not.

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