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With the start of Season 12, Apex Legends has introduced a new (technically old) map, Olympus. This is the fourth overall map of Apex and as such, it has tons of new locations and areas where you can land. If this is your first time dropping on this map, you’ll want to know about the Apex Legends’ best landing spots in Olympus.

We have gone ahead and compiled the best areas where you can find a good amount of loot and will have a higher chance of survival. Keep in mind that you’ll have to land in various areas and find out which one suits you the best. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Apex Legends Olympus map best drop locations.

Apex Legends Olympus: Best Places to Drop (Season 12)

Olympus Apex Legends 1

Olympus was first introduced in Season 7 of the game and players absolutely loved it. However, it has been absent since the start of Season 11 but is now getting an update and making its way back to Apex Legends in Season 12. This isn’t the only new thing being introduced in Season 12. A new Legend, Mad Maggie, is also making her appearance this season.

Phase Driver

If you have been playing Apex for a while, you’ll be kind of familiar with this map since most of it is the same. However, there are a few new points of interest (POI) and some new mechanics added to it as well. There’s now a Phase Driver in the spot between Bonsai and Hydroponics which offers more options for rotations out of the Southern areas. The following is a list of all the locations as part of the updated Olympus map where you can land:

  • Bonsai Plaza
  • Carrier
  • Docks
  • Elysium
  • Estates
  • Energy Depot
  • Gardens
  • Grow Towers
  • Hydroponics
  • Hammond Labs
  • Phase Driver
  • Power Grid
  • Orbital Cannon
  • Oasis
  • Rift
  • Solar Array
  • Turbine

The Phase Driver phases in 3 loot rollers and it ensures that you receive a Gold-Tier ball for every activation. However, keep in mind that this makes a loud noise that can give away your location. There are other new features added to the map as well.

With that said, let’s take a look at the best locations to drop in Olympus Season 12.


Terminal Location in Apex Legends Olympus

The Terminal is the newest POI in Olympus. It will act as a new central routing area for the map and will change the flow of how players rotate on the map. It has 5 new entry points which allow you to have more variety of rotation points between Hammond Labs and Bonsai Plaza. Thanks to the Terminal, you can now visit areas that were previously frustrating to go through.

This area has some good loot scattered around and it also has some great areas to ambush your enemies in. The best part is that you can hide here and wait to third-party the enemy when the time is right. With that said, though, since this is a new area and acts as a center point of the map, there will be a lot of players going through here. So, make sure that you are prepared to fight.

Hammond Labs

Hammond Labs Location in Apex Legends Olympus

This location was one of the hotspots when Olympus initially came out. The main reason is due to the large area where you can explore and gather tons of high-tier loot. Plus, it is quite easy to rotate to other areas from this location as well which makes it convenient to move once the zone is shrinking.

Bonsai Plaza

Bonsai Plaza Location in Apex Legends Olympus

This high-loot spot always welcomes tons of squads that fight in close-quartered combat. Only the best team can leave this area with all the loot. If you are the final team standing, you are guaranteed to get so much good loot that you won’t be able to carry it all. However, don’t think that you can leave here unscathed due to the number of fights you’ll have to get involved in.

On top of that, teams from the surrounding areas also make their way here after getting decent loot. So, you’ll have to really fight your way through just to make it out alive. If you are someone that doesn’t like close-range fights and instead prefers to fight from a distance, I suggest that you avoid the Bonsai Plaza at all costs.


Rift Location in Apex Legends Olympus

Despite not being at the center of the map, this area is usually a hot spot. In all my matches, I’ve rarely seen this location be empty. One of the biggest reasons for that is the high-quality loot you can collect from here. Chances are that you’ll be set for the end-game after you loot this place. On top of that, you can use the large energy sphere in the middle of this place to teleport to one of three teleporter locations.

Plus, while this is a hotspot, you won’t have to fight a lot of teams here. Usually, you’ll find like two or three teams at most. The best part is that you can get the loot you want and immediately jump in the sphere to randomly teleport to one of three locations.


Hydroponics Location in Apex Legends Olympus

Hydroponics is an underrated drop in my opinion. Since it is relatively away from the action, you are likely to be the only team here. While the loot isn’t something to write home about, you can get enough to rotate to other locations. From this peaceful place, gather whatever you can and head over to either the Elysium or head north to Oasis. There are many choices that you can make from this spot.

If you’re in the mood for some action, then you can always go to the Plaza or the Estates and Hammond Labs. Otherwise, wait for the other teams to head out so you can gather the leftovers and complete your gear. Keep in mind that due to the limited loot at Hydroponics, one member of your team will surely get the short end of the stick and leave with embarrassing loot.

Orbital Cannon

Orbital Cannon Location in Apex Legends Olympus

The Orbital Cannon can either be a hot spot or only a few teams drop here depending on the starting route. While it doesn’t have the highest quality loot, you can gather some superb equipment that will get you through the early and mid-game. Plus, thanks to the Tridents around this place, you don’t have to worry about making your way to other locations either.

The Icarus

The Icarus Location in Apex Legends Olympus

The Icarus has some of the best loot I’ve seen in the early game. Plus, this area is huge, which means that you and your team can easily find great loot spread throughout the area for each member. However, due to this, there are always other teams here as well. In my experience, I had to fight at least two or three other teams in every single match if not more.

Plus, if you get lucky and find a keycard from a scientist’s corpse, you can unlock the Bridge and get end-game loot. Now, you just have to fight other teams here and make it out so you can get to the end-game.

Grow Towers

Grow Towers Landing Spot in Apex Legends Olympus

This area has three towers that have three floors each. Due to that, this is a semi-hot spot to land so you might get tons of enemies depending on the route of the dropship. There is potential for every floor to have its own unique loot. In addition, the surrounding area is loaded with loot bins and other loot-filled buildings.

Usually, you and your team will be good to go after looting just one tower from top to bottom. On top of that, you can also have a good vantage point from the tower to scout all the nearby locations. If the dropship flew close to this area, good luck because you will most certainly encounter another team in one of the other two towers.

Power Station East

Power Station East Landing Spot in Apex Legends Olympus

If you are looking to drop at a location that isn’t a hot spot, then this area is perfect for you. It is a mid-tier loot spot that can occasionally have good loot as well. The best part is that it is an unnamed location, almost at the corner of the map.

So, you won’t always have to fight your way out. This allows you and your team to gather decent loot and make your way to other locations to either third-party other teams or collect their leftovers. Players that are planning to go to the end-game without much fighting will want to head over to this area.


Oasis Landing Spot in Apex Legends Olympus

Oasis is a great place to land as it has Gold level loot found in two places. Plus, the best part is that you are guaranteed to get Gold-level loot almost every time. However, if you miss that loot, don’t worry because there are other weapons lying around as well. Though, many players prefer this location so you might have to fight your way out of here.

Those are the best places to drop in Olympus in Apex Legends Season 12. We would love to hear about your favorite location to drop in and why. Let us know in the comments below what you think about the locations mentioned in this list and which one you think is the best.  

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