Best Skills to Unlock First in Sifu | Charged Backfist, Ground Counter

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Sifu is a fun game where the player has to use various combos and skills to best their opponents. However, if you do not know which skills are useful – especially in the early game, you will have a tough time. Worry not because this guide will show you all the best skills to unlock first in Sifu.

The game is extremely difficult and can even seem impossible for new players. There are tons of strong enemies and extremely tough bosses. However, the best advice we can give is to keep practicing and becoming stronger. Once you have a good set of skills and have learned the combos, you will master the game. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the best skills to unlock first in Sifu.

Sifu: Best Skills to Unlock First

The skills mentioned below are all extremely useful and will help you throughout the game. They are in no specific order, so you should unlock them based on your playstyle. Keep practicing and see what suits you best.

Charged Backfist

Charged Backfist

In simple terms, the Charged Backfist is a heavy punch that stuns the enemy. The good thing is that if the enemy is holding a weapon, this attack deals tons of damage. If the enemy is slightly weak, you can potentially one-shot them only by using this attack.

Ground Counter

Ground Counter

After playing Sifu for a while, you might have noticed that you find yourself on the ground more often than naught. Usually, you are defenseless in that position. However, the Ground Counter is here to solve your problems.

As soon as the enemy attacks you on the ground, you will get a chance to parry it. If successful, you will bring them to the ground and gain an advantage.

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Strong Sweep Focus

Best Skills to Unlock First in Sifu

Strong Sweep Focus is extremely good. It only takes one Focus meter and you can trip every enemy with it. Using it is also quite simple. With the correct timing, you can stop the enemy’s combo and throw them to the ground; allowing you to follow up with ground strikes.

Environmental Mastery

Best Skills to Unlock First in Sifu

This skill is extremely useful and you should unlock it earlier if possible. Unlocking it will allow you to throw objects straight from the ground towards the enemy. This saves you the hassle of picking them up and then throwing them; saving you precious time.

Weapon Mastery

Best Skills to Unlock First in Sifu

Weapons are one of the most important parts of Sifu. Picking up a weapon and using it against enemies will allow you to easily take them out. You also have to be extremely careful against enemies that have a weapon in hand.

Unlocking Weapon Mastery allows you to keep using the weapon until it fully breaks. This is useful when you are against a tough boss or a group of enemies.

Those are all the best skills to unlock first in Sifu. We would love to know your thoughts about the game so far and if you agree with our picks or not. Let us know which skills have you unlocked so far in the comments below!

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