Best World Of Warcraft Private Servers | PvP PvE & Classic (2021)

World Of Warcraft is arguably the most iconic MMORPG game in the world. However, with recent events, it is quite clear that WoW retail isn’t cutting it for most players. As such, we’ve compiled a list of the best private servers for WoW taking into account various sources like our own research and Reddit!

All of the servers mentioned down below consist of various different expansions and each have their own unique flair and unique traits which make them special. Most of our selections are from the trusty WoW private servers Reddit community!

Best WoW Private Servers List (2021)

We’ve handpicked these servers based on the expansion they are set in. Needless to say, all of them have active, bustling communities and you should feel at home at any one of these. Do note that you might need to download a specific version of the WoW Client or a particular launcher to play these servers. All of them are free to play.


When it comes to Vanilla WoW, there sadly aren’t a lot of good servers remaining. Most of them took too big of a hit when Classic launched are now ghost towns. However, there are still a few that we can still recommend.



Darrowshire is going to be taking on some alterations as compared to the vanilla experience. It has a 1x XP Rate with talents and experiences being completely 1.12 based. Moreover, there’ll be progressive itemization on the private server with world buffs being disabled and the removal of the Honor decay system.

Turtle WoW

turtle wow

Turtle WoW runs on a 1.15 client with new zones like the goblins and high elves. Moreover, there are over 1300 new items and extra items like Molten Core with new Titles added as well. While the server isn’t very populated, it is a great place to play as it has a strong community that’s dedicated to Turtle WoW’s Vanilla Plus concepts.

TBC (The Burning Crusade)

Since WoW Classic Retail is currently in its TBC phase, it is hard to recommend any private servers as most have been severely depopulated due to Classic. However, there is still one that’s alive and kicking:

Atlantiss (Karazan Server)


The Atlantiss team has been around for quite a while and they have quite a lot of experience under their belt. While it may not have the largest population but it still reaches about 1000 players. It has about a 2x XP rate with instances and raids being re-written to offer a better experience.

WOTLK (Wrath Of The Lich King)

WOTLK will soon be coming into WoW Classic. However, until then, the expansion seems to be the most popular amongst fans and therefore has the highest active private server player base.



While Warmane does have its fair share of controversy, it has stuck around for years and years. With a healthy, active community and a player base that is quite diverse in nature. Therefore, it is an obvious choice for anyone who wants to get back into WOTLK.



Chromiecraft is an extremely progressive WOTLK server with rates set to 1x. The server still hasn’t fully progressed which makes it extremely enjoyable for those who wish to dive into the game headfirst.

Mists Of Pandaria

While not the most popular expansion, Mists of Pandaria certainly has its charm. However, there’s only one server that we can truly recommend for this expansion.

Tauri WoW

tauri wow

Turi WoW has near-perfect scripting with almost no bugs or glitches whatsoever. The server averages around 1500-1000 players at any given moment and is therefore relatively healthy. If you want to try out a newer expansion, Tauri is definitely a good place to start off!

Custom Non-Bizzlike Servers

These servers are modified and share little similarity with the retail version of the game. However, the ones that we’re mentioning down below are still an absolute joy to play and offer a unique twist on the MMORPG title.

Epislon WoW

epsilon wow

Epsilon WoW focuses more on providing the player with complete control over the entire world. With unique world-building elements and customization features, you can create your own World and invite your friends to play in it.

Ascension WoW

ascension wow

Ascension is a completely classless take on WoW that lets you build your own character. You can equip any talent or spell present in the game. Moreover, raids have been refined with an Active PvP system that lets you take on High-Risk Duels or entire Guilds in the pursuit of glory!

That concludes our list of the best private WoW servers for 2021. Have we missed your favorite server? Let us know in the comments section down below! If you’ve played on any of the servers mentioned above, we’d love to hear your opinions about them.

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