Black Desert Online Redeem Codes (August 2022)

This is where you can find the latest Black Desert Online redeem coupon codes to get free rewards and other unlockable items. Like most online games, Black Desert Online also offers free rewards to players that follow the game on various social media channels or watch Twitch streams.

Developers partner up with influencers and game streamers to give out promotional items for free. However, these rewards are only available in limited quantities for a short period of time – so it is recommended you redeem all the codes given below as soon as possible before they expire.

All Black Desert Online Coupon Codes

The following list is our most up-to-date list of coupon codes for the Black Desert Online game. It features redeem codes from various online streams and giveaways, compiled all into one place where you can see what codes still work and which ones have expired. Some of the following codes may be region-locked, but if there is any, we will update here on the page along with the codes list.

You need to copy-paste the redeem code exactly as given below, or else they will not work and keep giving you errors.

Black Desert Online (Working Codes)

The following list of codes are currently live and working for the Black Desert Online:

  • 0225-WEAR-ETHE-ONE!

Black Desert Online (Expired Codes)

The following list of codes have expired and do not work for this game:

  • BDO98DR
  • BDO5F95
  • BDO65FR
  • BDO56TR
  • BDO2021

How to Redeem Codes for Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online - Redeem Coupon Codes

Follow the easy steps below if you want to know how to redeem the above mentioned coupon codes for Black Desert Online:

  • Visit the official Black Desert Online website
  • Next, go to the Redeem Coupon page and login with your Pearly Abyss account
  • Enter the coupon code from the list above and hit the Use button.
  • You should receive your reward in the in-game mailbox

Black Desert Online is now out for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Be sure to keep checking our Redeem Codes section for the latest monthly codes and instructions for various PC, consoles and mobile games.

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