Bloodborne PSX Demake Cheat Codes List

Looking for Bloodborne PSX Demake cheat codes but can’t find any? No worries as we have just the thing for your reading pleasure. While Bloodborne Demake is extremely fun to relive, it can get hard at times and you want to try to get crafty with it. Cheat Codes seem to be a good solution. Since it is a demake of a PlayStation game, it ought to have some cheat codes, but where can you find them?

As it turns out, Walther has just released a full list of cheat codes along with the Bloodborne PSX Demake, and fans can’t help but get excited. Since most of these cheat codes can simple be downright hilarious, it will be a fun experience to try them at least once even if you want to be the one to clear it fair and square.

What is Bloodborne PSX Demake?

Bloodborne has a special place in Soulsborne community and it really shows considering the care and love Walther has given to the game’s demake. While the game can be considered a fan project from an outside standpoint, no one in the Soulsborne community feels the same since this demake symbolizes the once-great Bloodborne from the retro days.

Bloodborne PSX Demake Cheat Codes

Walther has released a full list of cheat codes that can be used in-game for some pretty cool stuff. While many consider that cheat codes normally take the fun away from the game, the way these cheat codes are intended however only adds more depth and fun to Bloodborne PSX.

Here is a list of the cheat codes available in Bloodborne PSX demake:

Unarmed gets a small damage boostSOCKEM
Big head modeTOPHEAVY
Pet dog modeYESYOUCAN
Alter time with the right stickCONVOLUTED
Paintball modeSPLATSILVER
Change your nameICHANGEDMYMINDTO + [text]
Change “you died” textWHATIFITWAS + [text]

What do you think about these codes for Bloodborne PSX demake? Let us know about your experiences with them in the comments below!

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