Bus Simulator 21: Beginner Tips and Tricks

Bus Simulator 21 is the iconic franchise’s latest installment which adds in a ton of new features to the game. It features two huge new environments in the USA and Europe, more than 15,000 customization options, and 40+ buses – you’ll be having a blast.

With the game having a steep learning curve, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks aimed at newcomers to the franchise. However, you might want to take a look at them even if you’ve played Bus Simulator 18 for a quick refresher. For those waiting on what we think of the game, our full review will be coming out soon.

Bus Simulator 21: Tips and Tricks

We’ve tried to keep our beginner tips as concise as possible. Make sure to experiment in the game on your own to uncover secrets and new gameplay tricks with your own experience.

Avoid The Bumpy Road

Bus Simulator 21 emulates the real world perfectly. Sadly, it also captures the essence of what it truly means to be on the road. Consequently, you are going to find a lot of potholes on your path. Try to steer clear of them as much as possible since hitting a crack in the road can lead to you incurring a penalty and can even lead to a crash.

Disembark With Grace

Once you get the hang of your route, your next job is to make sure you open and close doors for your passengers appropriately. Your bus will not budge if you don’t close your doors. As a rule of thumb, keep your doors open for about 10-15 seconds at every stop so that passengers can disembark appropriately.

Indicators Make A Difference

Bus Simulator 21 rewards you for realism. If you do not follow traffic rules, you might end up having to pay an extremely hefty fine. While quite taxing, you should flip your indicators on as much as possible while also maintaining a relatively respectable speed for the highest rewards.

Fast Travel To Freedom

The newest iteration of the game allows you to quickly jump to stops using fast travel, lets you fast-forward time, and even grants you the ability to take over NPC buses. Rest assured, you should spend as little time possible in the main menus but should instead be driving on the road!

Set Up Custom Routes

bus simulator 21 tips and tricks

The game now lets you set up extremely detailed custom routes that recognize the number of passengers appearing at specific times and which routes cover the most stops in the most efficient manner. As such, you can either follow pre-made routes or go for more intricate custom routes that bring in a lot more depth to the game.

If you want to plan a custom route in Bus Simulator 21, be vary of the following:

  • Route Timetables: Take a look at pre-defined routes and make sure yours allign.
  • Bus Stops: Try to have as many bus stops on your route as possible
  • Timing: Skip bus stops if they have little to no passengers at a particular time but make sure to reel them back in on busier occassions.

As always, you can always count on us for providing you with the latest patch notes for Bus Simulator 21 and other games as soon as they come out!

Using these Bus Simulator 21 tips, you should be able to quickly get into the flow of the game and level quickly in no time. If you have another tip you’d like to share or want to know something about the game, let us know in the comments section down below!

Bus Simulator 21 is available on Steam, PS Store, and Xbox.

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