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The skill trees in Total War Warhammer 3 are in-depth and can be overwhelming for new players. Not only are there skill trees for your troops and champions, but the smaller units also have skills trees. If you are new to the game or would like to learn more about the Caravan Master skill tree in Total War Warhammer 3, this guide will show you everything you need to know.

The Caravan Master of Grand Cathay guides their caravan’s on the Ivory Road and they surprisingly have their own skill tree in Warhammer 3. Using them properly will give you intermittent cash injections and help you stay in the battle. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the Caravan Master skill tree in Total War Warhammer 3.

Total War Warhammer 3 Caravan Master Skills Tree

Caravan Master Skill Tree in Total War Warhammer 3

There are 78 possible skill points that you can level up. However, you cannot invest points into all of these skills since the Caravans can only be leveled up to level 40. Worry not because most of the skills in the skill tree are pointless and can be repetitive. The Caravan Master has random traits and will automatically add or remove units from its army. You cannot customize it since you do not own the army.

Keeping that in mind, we suggest that you look at the current army of the Caravan Master and level up skills accordingly. If there are more melee units, you should put points into melee skills rather than skills that make archers stronger. While we won’t be covering all of the skills in this guide, we will take a look at what is the optimal build path for the first 10 levels.

Skill Path

As soon as you reach rank 2, you’d want to level up the “Way-Finders” skill. This will make it so the caravan has a -50% chance to be ambushed. Doing so will ensure that your caravan is safer than before. At rank 3, you should rank up the “Better Scales,” as it increases your sale value of cargo by +10%. These two skills ensure that you do not need any other skill as you will not be doing a lot of fighting thanks to reduced ambush chance, all the while having increased profits.

At rank 4, we will level up the “Way-Finders” again as it will give us a total of -65% chance of ambush. Once you reach rank 5, go back to “Better Scales” since it will give you another 10% increase in sale value, making it a total of +20%.

As soon as you reach rank 6, we suggest that you level up “Hidden Stores.” This skill reduces the casualties suffered from attrition. However, the early level of this skill isn’t the best but it is still useful. Save your point when you reach rank 7 as it will come in handy later. At rank 8, level up both the “Way-Finders” and “Better Scales“. Doing so will fully max out both of these skills as they are the most important skills we will be playing around with.

Save another skill point at rank 9 so you can get two skills at rank 10. Level up the “Wheelright” as it gives you a chance for a double move and reduces the cost of a shortcut event. The second point should be used to level up the “Smuggler’s Space” which increases the maximum cargo capacity and reduces the charge in extortion events.

2Way-Finders level 1
3Better Scales level 1
4Way-Finders level 2
5Better Scales level 2
6Hidden Stores level 1
7Save skill point
8Way-Finders level 3 (Maximum) and Better Scales level 3 (Maximum)
9Save skill point
10Wheelright level 1 and Smuggler’s Space level 1
11Hidden Stores level 2
12Hidden Stores level 3 (Maximum)
13Local Guides level 1
14Save skill point
15Wheelright level 2 (Maximum) and Smuggler’s Space level 2 (Maximum)
16Local Guides level 2
17Local Guides level 3 (Maximum)
18Cargo Capacity level 1
19Cargo Capacity level 2
20Cargo Capacity level 3

That’s everything you need to know about the Caravan Master skill tree in Total War Warhammer 3. Let us know if you have any queries and we will gladly assist you. We would love to know if you are enjoying the game or not in the comments below.

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