How to Change Audio Language in Back 4 Blood

This is how you can change the audio language to your native tongue that can make Back 4 Blood experience more immersive and enjoyable. Back 4 Blood has been garnering massive praise from fans since its release, capturing a large player base from all around the world. As the default Audio Language is set to English, many users want the in-game audio to be in their preferred tongue.

This leaves a lot of people wondering whether there is even a way to change the Back 4 Blood Audio Language. Non-English speakers have given up searching the game, trying to find any possible option to change their audio settings.

How to Change Back 4 Blood Audio Language

Unfortunately, Back 4 Blood provides no direct way of changing the in-game audio to our desired language, however, this doesn’t mean we should give up just yet. If you’re playing Back 4 Blood on PC, there is an indirect way to change the language.

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Changing the Audio Language:

The method for changing the language is quite easy:

  1. Open Steam on your PC
  2. Navigate to your Steam Library
  3. Find Back 4 Blood on the left side and right-click on the game
  4. Choose the ‘Properties’ option
  5. Now, click on the ‘Language’ tab
  6. When the drop-down menu appears, left click on it and choose the language you wish
Back 4 Blood audio language setting

Once you’re finished with the instructions above, a small update for the game will take place. Once the game is updated, your in-game UI and subtitle language will be changed along with the Audio language if it’s available.

You should be able to change the audio language if you’re preferred language is available on Steam. Back 4 Blood provides a variety of achievements to unlock, have you achieved some yet?

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