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The new season 2 of Call of Duty: Mobile has finally arrived and has come up with a ton of new features. New weapons, maps, challenges, lucky draws, events, and modes have been included with more mid-season updates yet to come. New battle pass is also a great one with many new skins and other rewards. However, a major difference in this update as compared to the previous ones is the character skin that Call of Duty: Mobile has made available for every one to get, it is the Charly operator.

In this article, we will quickly discuss how you can get the character for yourself, and you have to do almost zero effort to do so. Find out below how to add another operator to your loadout collection.

How to Unlock Charly Character in COD Mobile

Charly Character skin in COD Mobile Season 2 2021

Charly is one of the brand new characters added to the game. Her description in Call of Duty: Mobile reads: “Raised by both her father and the African plains hunting poaches, Charly’s expert tracking skills make her someone from whom you might be able to run but never hide.”

Now coming to the main point, to unlock the Charly character skin, all you need to do is simply login to the game. As simple as that. No event needs to be completed, no challenge needs to be fulfilled, no hurdles to go through to get the skin whatsoever. All you are required is to log in to the game, and the skin will be readily available in your inventory. It is kind of a free gift from Activision and a good one in that regard.

As mentioned above, Season 2 (2021) of Call of Duty: Mobile is now live. You can go through the patch notes of COD Mobile Season 2 to read up about all the new features.

So, this was all about the brand new Charly operator in COD Mobile. We will be covering more posts about the latest Call of Duty: Mobile season 2, so make sure you keep a check!

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