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Here is how you can check for Wild Rift server status to make sure everything is working properly and the servers are up and running. League of Legend has recently launched their latest mobile game, Wild Rift which is currently in a regional open beta where anyone living in that specific geographic location can download, install, login, and try the game. This has led to a large number of server issues for the Wild Rift servers in general. Today, we’re going to be showing you how you can see Riot’s official server status at any time so you can find out if the issue is on your end.

League of Legends was never known for its optimal server quality and Wild Rift seems to be no different. This time around, however, Riot has provided everyone with a proper server status checker so we can simply log off when an issue arises rather than pressing the retry button hoping something would change.

How to Check Wild Rift Server Status

Riot Games’ official Wild Rift server status website is your best bet to check how long an issue might run for. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Riot Games Server Status

Step 1 – Go to Riot’s official website. Usually, you’ll be seeing critical errors and the latest messages regarding all of Riot’s games here.

Wild Rift Server Status

Step 2 – If nothing pops up, but you still can’t log in, then, try your luck by going to the Wild Rift section of the website. Be sure to choose your region and language.

If everything works fine, you should be seeing a message along the lines of, “No recent issues or events to report.” If this is the case, you should probably be trying to change things on your end.

If you still don’t see a message and you are positive there is a server-side issue, then you might get some relief by checking out Wild Rift’s Reddit page and sorting it by ‘New’, you might end up seeing some users reporting the issue there.

Else if everything seems to be working fine, your last resort should be checking Riot Games social media pages since the company usually posts about smaller issues over there.

These are all the ways you can officially and non-officially check Wild Rift’s server status. Don’t worry though! Riot has confirmed that they’re working around the clock to add more servers and improve the stability of already existing ones.

Stay tuned to our Wild Rift section for more news and tips as we get near to the launch of the game.

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