How to Check WWE 2K22 Server Status and Maintenance Time

WWE 2K22 has launched recently and with any multiplayer game, the chances of downtime in server at launch is a norm, as people flock to overload the servers. Whether this server issue persists or not we have all the various ways you can check their status. And if you are wondering does this game support cross-play check out our article.

WWE 2K22 will surely be supported quite extensively to sideline any negative press that might haunt them again considering the colossal disaster of WWE 2K20. Everything is expected to be buttery smooth but you never know when the servers go haywire. Since the game is still only out for early buyers, the servers and online services have been going down every couple of hours. As per the 2K team, this is because of a large number of concurrent players.

Checking Server Status of WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 doesn’t have a dedicated server checking website like 2K’s other game NBA 2K. To counter this lacking we have compiled every which way you can get acquainted with the server status.

2K Forums

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2K Forums are home to all kinds of complaints and announcements for each of the games they have released. Here the developers are likely to declare any server down report or any maintenance that might hinder online play. Keep your eye on this site as fellow patrons would surely confirm your queries.

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Twitter is used to report the downtime of servers for the game. So like or subscribe to their respective page on Twitter to be alerted by any server development they might post on. The Twitter page is linked here.


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The following on Facebook is huge and the developer can be reached using the DMs. Utilize this platform to voice your concern and you will be answered.


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The community present at Reddit will have already figured out the server status issue before you could even think of it. Just visit here and voice your concern and get the answer of many facing the same problem as you.


Downdetector is a somewhat reliable tool to check server status by looking at the various complaints getting lodged for the game. As for now, WWE 2K22 is not covered on the website and we will be updating this page as soon as they start doing so.

Server Downtime and Maintenance Schedule:

Here we will notify and update this page whenever scheduled maintenance goes live for the WWE 2K22 servers:

March 9, 2022 (UPDATE #2): For those having connectivity issues and problems connecting to online services, we have an official statement from the 2K team. We are glad they are already looking into this issue.

WWE2K22 is currently experiencing issues with servers due to the large volume of concurrent players. We are working to quickly address the situation. During this time, access to online game features and modes may be inconsistent. More updates coming as they are available.

March 9, 2022: A maintenance was scheduled for earlier today where the servers were take offline for about 120 minutes. All online services were restored back to normal after 2 hours downtime.

Hopefully, these sources would have helped you in determining whether the server is down or not. Any source you might know and is missing here, write it down in the comment section below. For more WWE 2K22 tips and guides, check out our Guides section.

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  1. Hopefully it’s resolved, I’ve got a notification that says im unable to connect to the servers. It’s a temporary notification, if i try a few seconds later it works normally. It’s random, like temporary lag or peak hours caused by heavy traffic.
    If i keep trying every few seconds it connects, i remember WWE on PS3 was the same. A notification would say the servers was down for maintenance, but if you kept trying it worked normally.

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