How to Claim DLC in Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall has reached its release date, and it’s time to delve into the stylish action only Platinum Games can create. If you have pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition then you are in for some sweet exclusive goodies. So let’s see what you will be getting and how can you claim it.

The game features a fantasy aesthetic and is a live-action game the loot scene is going to be out of this world. So to make yourself stand out from the crowd you will be rewarded the exclusive vanity items with the Deluxe Edition. So without further adieu lets find out what is your reward.

Claim DLC in Babylon’s Fall


The DLC you will be getting will not be available anywhere else in the game and you will shine with your new look. The items are cosmetic and have some other benefits as well.

The DLC claiming process is quite easy and can be done relatively at the start of the game. As soon as you are done with the tutorial you will be sent to the HQ and from here you can just run upstairs and find the Inbox Treasure Chest. Once you interact with this console you will be prompted of all the DLC and Pre-order bonuses, claim them my taking them out.

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What Are The DLC Rewards in Babylon’s Fall?

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 The list of everything you will be receiving in the DLC and Pre-order are as follows:

  • Zu Armlet
  • Zu Loincloth
  • Zu Bonnet
  • Gideon Greaves
  • Gideon Bracers
  • Gideon Coat
  • Gideon Calyptra
  • Acanthus Frontlet
  • Winged Cape
  • Legatus Cape
  • Zu Moccasins

Most of these items are purely cosmetic and will satisfy only your fashion needs. Some items like the Acanthus Fronlet will have some stat boosting effects like, Increased Maximum HP, Boosting Spectral Attack Power, Boosting Knockback Damage, and Boosting SP Regeneration Time.

Some items in here will you an extra edge on the battlefield playing alongside your friends and destroying all those who oppose you. These items work like a skin whereby you can just equip it to whatever armor you have currently on, this way you can still look the way you want and have the armor stats you want.

Were you able to claim your rewards? What skin are you rocking in Babylon’s Fall? Comment below and let us know.

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