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Clash Royale Season 19 called Frozen Peak went live earlier today on January 4, bringing another round of new skins, emotes, game modes etc. As announced in the last season, there won’t be any balance updates in Season 19 whereas you have the usual Pass Royale rewards that you can collect.

Pass Royale for Clash Royale Season 19 brings a new set of unique rewards and perks that you can unlock. There are 70 rewards that you can collect by earning Crowns from destroyed Towers! As part of the Pass Royale, you will be able to unlock Frozen Tower tower skin, Ice Wizard: Dancer or buy the Ice Wizard: Popcorn skin from the Shop.

Clash Royale Season 19 Rewards

We have compiled a list of Clash Royale Season 19 rewards that you can unlock in the game this season. For those who are new to the game, this season will continue for about 28 days until February when the next one begins.

Pass Royale Rewards

Clash Royale Season 19 Rewards

The following list consists of the premium Pass Royale rewards that can only be obtained after purchasing the pass from the Shop:

  • Unique Tower Skin & Emote
  • 40,000 Gold
  • 6 x Pass Royale Lightning Chest
  • 3 x Rare Pass Royale Lightning Chest (guaranteed Rare cards!)
  • 4 x Epic Pass Royale Lightning Chest (guaranteed Epic cards!)
  • 4 Trade Tokens
  • Up to 7 Strikes per chest*
  • 1 Legendary Chest! (guaranteed Legendary card!)**
  • Bonus Bank Gold (up to 10,000 Gold)

* Strikes allow you to replace cards for a better chance of getting the ones you want
** If you are on Arena 6 or higher

Free Rewards

Clash Royale Season 19 Rewards

If you do not want to buy the Pass Royale, you can still earn and unlock the following free rewards in Clash Royale:

  • 34 Crown Chests (contains Gems & cards of any rarity)
  • 1 LEGENDARY CHEST (if you are in Arena 6 or higher at the start of the Season)

These are all the rewards you can unlock in Clash Royale Season 19. This season just started today, so there is plenty of time to grind through the battles and collect everything.

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