Horizon Forbidden West: How to Clear Blocked Paths

Horizon Forbidden West’s world is expansive and though you can explore it very freely, many places are beyond the player’s reach and require a second visit later on when you have the solution. This is where we’ll show you the solution to one such hindrance in Horizon Forbidden West, the blocked paths.

The moment you start exploring the map you’ll come across the blocked paths and it’s frustrating, as there are no hints given on how can the blockage be removed to satisfy the curiosity of what is behind them. So we will put you to rest finally.

Blocked Paths in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West blocked path missing tool needed

Exploring around and you happen to run into this marker in the picture. It says Blocked Path and below that missing tool needed. What is this missing tool and what are these things that are blocking your path are unknown.

There are two types of Blocked Path that you’ll run into:

  • Metal Flower: Seen on the left, these metal flowers are connected to many light green roots that block individual paths on the ground.
  • FireGlimmer: Seen on the right, these are red mushroom kind of growth seen on mountain walls and rocks.
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Both of these are different kinds of Blocked Paths and require totally different tools to get rid of.

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Blocked Path: FireGlimmer

FireGlimmer is removed by the “IGNITER”, which you get access to by completing the main story mission “Gate of Death”. The mission will ask you to craft the igniter that will automatically be installed on Alloy’s spear. With the igniter installed, you can approach the mushrooms and interact with R2, which will plunge your spear in them and make them explode clearing them out, do step back as it will hurt you if you are near the explosion.

Horizon Forbidden West Firegleam HD scaled 1

Blocked Path: Metal Flower

The Metal Flower spread about are destroyed by the “VINE CUTTER”. This special equipment is part of the main mission “Seeds of the Past”. The mission will guide you to craft this tool and this too will become part of your spear. To use it you have to first hit the Metal flower with a three hit combo which opens it up and then you can interact with it with R1 and she rams the flower with her spear and all the green roots will dissolve, opening everything it covered.

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This Blocked Path can get a little frustrating at first if you don’t know what they are and how to interact with them, with our guide we hope you have things figured out. For more guides for Horizon Forbidden West please visit our website.

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