COD Mobile: December 2020 Redeem Codes | SMRS – Dark Light, Backpack – Party Area

COD Mobile has just released redeem codes for December 2020. These redeem codes usually provide one or two exclusive items that you cannot purchase anywhere else and are absolutely free. Developers have provided us with redeem codes for this month that gets you a free SMRS camo and a lovely bag camo as well.

The game has been quickly releasing updates that have added a lot more cosmetics into the critically acclaimed mobile FPS. This time, you will be enjoying those rewards for free.

COD Mobile December 2020 Redeem Codes

COD Mobile’s redeem codes for December 2020 only include two items. They are:

  • Backpack 1 – Party Area
  • SMRS – Dark Light

The following redeem codes were sent in by Activision that you can claim right away using your own Call of Duty account. We have already covered how to redeem codes, so claiming the rewards should not be a problem.

These codes are only available for a very limited time, so you should snag them as quickly as you can. Usually, you can expect a full set of particular items such as the Bag in redeem codes released later.

Note: This code does not appear to be region-locked, so you should have no issue claiming them. Here’s the code:


Visit the Call of Duty Redemption website to unlock and redeem the above mentioned free rewards.

We will update the above list with more redeem codes as they are released throughout the month of December. We are hoping to see more redeem codes around the Christmas and holiday season.

This concludes everything you needed to know about COD Mobile redeem codes for December 2020

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