This guide will help you contact Activision customer support for Call of Duty: Mobile, in case you urgently need to write to them. COD Mobile has no doubt become Call of Duty franchise’s one of the biggest and most popular games ever. The mobile version has reached more players in terms of users than any of their PC and console games have ever done. And with such huge games, come different problems and issues that at times you need to get in touch with official support for help.

In this guide we will look into all the ways how you can contact COD Mobile customer support and reach out to the Activision team for help. There are several support channels available, but are all scattered away in different parts of the Internet. Let us compile a list of them so you know here to reach our when you want to contact support for Call of Duty: Mobile.

Activision Support for COD Mobile

Activision Support for COD Mobile

If and when you need to get in touch with Call of Duty: Mobile’s support team, the first place you should go to is the official Activision support page for the game. In most cases, if there is a known issue or bug going on – you will find the relevant information on this page.

Visit: Activision Support for COD Mobile

You can write to them about your issue directly using the contact form.

Activision Support Community

Activision Support Community

Looking for community help? Call of Duty: Mobile has a dedicated section at Activision Support Community page. Once you sign in with your Activision account, you can ask a question and wait for someone from the COD Mobile community to answer it. You can also search for similar problems as yours, because you never know someone else might be going through the same problems as you.

Visit: Activision Support Community

Activision Account Recovery Request

Activision Account Recovery Request

Did you just get hacked or lost access to your Call of Duty or Activision account? If yes, this is where you need to reach out to the Call of Duty: Mobile team for getting your account back. Activision has a dedicated page for account recovery requests.

On this request page, you will have to fill out a form so they can get you back to playing with your original progress, stats, and purchased and earned content as quickly as possible. Requests may take up to 10 business days to process. Any accounts with active bans or enforcement actions will not be reviewed.

Visit: Activision Account Recovery Request

COD Mobile Customer Support on Email, Facebook and Twitter

If you think reaching out over the email is a better option, Activision and Call of Duty: Mobile also has a direct email that you can write to for any help you need. Apart from them, their assist teams are also active on Facebook and Twitter, in case anyone is more comfortable in reaching out to the COD Mobile team there.

Call of Duty: Mobile Customer Support Email: [email protected]

You can also find Activision Support on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Channels and Community Support

Call of Duty: Mobile has a very active community on almost every social media platform available. From Facebook and Twitter, to YouTube and they have a very engaging and active communities on Reddit and Discord.

We hope this guide was useful to you. If you’d like to reach more such guides, check out our Call of Duty: Mobile section to explore more.

  1. @PlayCODMobile Hello. I am using xiamoi 8A Dual phone and I am a regular CODM player. Whenever I play BR in CODM, the game faces blackout on the screen that does not allow me to use any functionality of the game. Please fix blackout screen for xiamoi or provide me with a update

  2. Hi, I’ve a codm account connected with Facebook and now my Facebook has been disabled therefore I can’t login to codm. Is there any way I can get my account back without starting from the beginning as I’ve spent money on that count.


    1. I have the exact same issue, Omar. Did you find a resolution for this?

      I have spent hundreds of dollars on lucky draws, crates, etc. And countless hours of my life.

  3. Sir this is sidharth I’m facing blackout of screen while playing codm in BR mode. Iam using A71device which is linked to Activision device what should I do I have called samsunghelpline but the issue isn’t with the mobile

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