Dark Souls 3: Dexterity Weapons Tier List

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Dark Souls 3 has choices for any and all kinds of players. From ranged to melee it has everything, only stating “melee” is blasphemous because of the plethora of weapons there are at your disposal. Here we will only be considering the Dexterity weapons in Dark Souls 3.

If you are like me and prefer fast and flashy rather than those tanky and slow-motion weapons then you are in the right place. Dexterity weapons are great for constantly mobile players. The choices are insane in this game and we have after much research compiled this tier list of DEX weapons.

Best Dex Weapons in Dark Souls 3

Some weapons below are DEX only or a culmination of various stats, though the common factor is Dexterity scaling. Each weapon is for DEX builds and is up to the player how they want to mix and match their stats. The choices are many so pick accordingly.


These are the best Dexterity weapons in Dark Souls 3. They generally would outperform most weapons if the player’s skill is on the mark with the weapon.

Frayed Blade

Frayed Blade

This weapon has the highest Dexterity requirement of any weapon in Dark Souls 3. It has a buff against enemies weak to Dark. The base weapon scaling with DEX is “B” and can be upgraded. Not only is the range of this katana substantial, but this weapon’s art also allows it to unleash a range/projectile slash attack, and if you can connect both the physical slash and the projectile the damage number will surprise you.

Friede’s Great Scythe

friedes great scythe final

This scythe/reaper-style weapon has a unique move set from others from the same class. It deals both Physical and Magic damage, the latter is from the weapon art. It can cause Frostbite effect on enemies. Its damage can pierce through any shield. And if the blade hits the enemy rather than the shaft it deals 15% more damage. And DEX scaling is amazing, to begin with, and further upgradeable.

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These are excellent DEX weapons but not as easy to use as those in S-tier. They have almost equal utility in the right hands that is.

Sellsword Twinblade

image 71

This weapon is aptly named “Sellsword Winblades” by the Dark Souls 3 community with its amazing Dexterity scaling with Sharp and has combos that don’t hurl you into dangerous situations. The moveset it has is very swift and you can land successive hits without your prey moving away.

Astora Greatsword

astora greatsword

Though a greatsword this weapon does not require much attributes investment to wield, both in terms of DEX and STR. Upgraded to a +10 Sharp this weapon will receive S scaling in Dex and would greatly benefit from each level dumped in Dexterity. The per swing damage it dishes out is insane and shouldn’t be ignored for its easy accessibility.

Washing Pole

washing pole

A competitor to the Greatswords due to its sheer length. The longest Katana can slash at a distance and has an impressive Dexterity scaling, “A” for +10 and Sharp. The damage this unleashes is best in class along with crazy bleed potential.

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Good weapons that are a tad bit lacking but solid overall. Perfecting these weapons’ playstyle can allow you to devastate even better weapon users.

Crow Quills

image 70

A very good weapon for PVP, this weapon has both melee and ranged attacks built-in. The weapon has an S scaling in Dex while Sharpened and deals massive damage. The weapon is perfect for putting pressure on opponents by pelting them with the quills at the range, and if you are skilled enough to move for a backstab, you will reap even more benefits.

Chaos Blade

chaos blade

This weapon has a Dark Souls legacy and it lives up to it with great damage output though it chips away from your health with each swing to counter this potential. The Scaling with Dex is “S” and also carries bleed damage. For PVE its a good choice but for PVP it can get annoying if your opponent is dodgy.

Black Knight Glaive

black knight glaive

This weapon is for STR and DEX build due to its initial requirement to wield. With such high attribute requirements, the damage output is also great. For PVE this weapon has a 20% buff vs demon type enemies, perfect for taking down many bosses. For PVP, the combos it can pull off from a distance are bound to catch opponents off-guard.

Old Wolf Curved Sword

old wolf curved sword

An agile Greatsword, this weapon scales quite effectively with Dexterity especially when upgraded. It’s a hard-hitting one even with a DEX build. Though it loses out to many weapons in terms of scaling but the moveset here is phenomenal. Perfect for both PVP’s rolling opponents and PVE’s hordes.


These are your average weapons that don’t shine through. They are reliable, but you’re at a loss when using them.

Farron Greatsword

farron greatsword

A Greatsword that scales off Dexterity, and with Sharp, the scaling can jump to A. Two-handing this weapon equips a small dagger for greater parry potential and with Hornet Ring, this weapon can most likely down an enemy instantly. Specifically for Dexterity-heavy Ultra Greatsword build this weapon is the best. No suitable for general players.

Black Blade

black blade

The shortest Katana in Dark Souls 3. Minus the range, which is disadvantageous in PVE, this weapon has great base damage and an “A” Dexterity scaling. To truly unlock its potential heavy investment in DEX is required. Invaders can be picked off rather quickly with fast combos.

Which Dexterity weapons do you prefer in Dark Souls 3? Which other weapons would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below. And for more Souls-like game coverage check out our website.

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