Days Gone PC All Graphics Settings | Change FPS, Resolution

Days Gone has just been released to PC, and there are tons of new features brought along with its release! However, perhaps the biggest advantage of the PC version is the variety of options you can change in terms of visual fidelity. We’re going to be talking about all the graphics settings for Days Gone PC.

Even though the title was released on consoles, the PC Version supports multi-monitor setups, uncapped frame rates and extended draw distances as well.

Days Gone PC All Graphics Settings

Days Gone PC All Graphics Settings

Since the game has a lot more options to choose from in terms of visual fidelity in the PC version, the game is bound to look much better on the PC! Here are all the toggleable graphics settings for Days Gone on PC:


  • Window Mode (Fullscreen/Fullscreen Windowed/Windowed)
  • Monitor
  • Resolution
  • Refresh Rate
  • Vsync
  • Frame Rate Limiter
  • Sync Interval (Full or half)
  • HDR (On/Off)


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  • Brightness (1-10)
  • Field of View (50-100)
  • Render Scale (10-200)
  • Chromatic Aberration (On/Off)
  • Motion Blur (On/Off)
  • Lighting Quality (Low/Medium/High/Very High)
  • Geometry Quality (Low/Medium/High/Very High)
  • Foliage Draw Distance (Low/Medium/High/Very High)
  • Shadow Quality (Low/Medium/High)
  • Cloud and Fog Quality (Low/Medium/High)
  • Texture Filter Quality (Low/Medium/High/Very High)
  • Texture Streaming Quality (Low/Medium/High)
  • HDR Game Brightness
  • HDR Game Peak Brightness
  • HDR User Interface Brightness

While Raytracing is not supported yet, the developers have hinted towards both DLSS and Ray Tracing coming to Days Gone very soon! However, currently it seems like their main focus is towards trying to iron out any bugs that may pop up along way.

With Days Gone coming to the PC, more console ports / switches are expected to be coming in the coming years as well.

Are you excited about the PC version of Days Gone? What settings will you be running the game at? Let us know in the comments down below!

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