Days Gone PC Known Issues – Complete List

Bend Studio’s newly released game, Days Gone, has met with critical acclaim due to its unique take on a survival horror game. However, the game’s Steam release is plagued with a few issues, especially for those who play the game on a controller. Here’s a list of all the issues identified in the game so far.

Since these issues have already been highlighted, you can expect the developers to fix them quite soon. However, you can look at these issues yourself and identify which ones you might be suffering from or get an idea about the game’s stability in its current state.

Days Gone Known Issues

Here’s a list of all the issues currently faced by players of the game, as of updated on June 14, 2021:

UPDATE (June 14, 2021): Days Gone PC will crash on Patch 1.0.4 if you have mods enabled. Please disable mods after installing the new update if you do not want the game to crash.

  • Issues with a lack of controller input. If you are not receiving any controller input, please follow these steps: Make sure ‘Ignore Controller’ is turned off in the Options > Controller menu. Make sure only one controller is connected in windows. Try clicking left mouse into the game window to give the game windows focus
  • Audio issues, including loss of audio at initial launch
  • Simultaneous mouse and keyboard/gamepad input conflicting with rolling/sprinting actions
  • Problems with turning in bounties or meat, while also unable to properly interact at other vendors
  • Unable to equip weapons from the player Gun Locker with controller
  • Game hang when the cinematic starts before the mission ‘What’s A Nice Girl’
  • Intermittent crashes when booting the game or in the early game
  • Intermittent issues with game speed/stutters
  • Ghosting/decal rendering, including tire tracks and footprints
  • Unable to craft molotovs
  • HDR option is locked out for some players with HDR monitors

We’ll be providing you with complete information regarding all patches and if any of the issues in the game have been fixed. Are you facing any other issues? Let us know in the comments down below

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