Dead By Daylight Bloodrush: Release Date, Time, Rewards (January 2022)

If you’ve not played Dead by Daylight (DBD) for a while, the Bloodrush 2022 event is the perfect time to do so! A lighter version of the premiere Blood Hunt event which brings in a new character, Blood Rush events reward you with more Bloodpoints for the entire duration with other multipliers also present during the entire event.

With the new PTB coming out and tons of new content being promised, having Bloodpoints is a sure-shot way of ensuring you are always able to test out and play everything new that’s being promised by the developers in recent weeks.

What Is The Blood Rush Event in Dead by Daylight?

During the pandemic, the developers initiated a Quarantine-focused monthly/bi-weekly event titled Blood Rush where players would be rewarded with a higher amount of Bloodpoints per trial run.

This event is not to be confused with Blood Hunt or Blood Feast both of which are rarer events that reward players with higher multipliers. (3x and 2x respectively). As of yet, there’s no indication as to when we’ll be seeing either of those events in 2022.

When Does DBD Blood Rush Event Start / End? (January 2022)

The developers have confirmed that this month’s Bloodrush event will be starting off on January 14 with it ultimately ending a week later on January 22, 2022. So, you’ll have a whole week’s worth of time to collect as much Bloodpoints as you can.

During the entire event, all Bloodpoints that you earn will have a 1.5x multiplier placed on them. So, when you complete a trial, you’ll be awarded more Bloodpoints than usual.

You’d also be right to note that generally, Blood Rush had a 2x multiplier. However, the developers clarified that the change is due to the fact this time, the event will run for an entire week and not just the weekend like before.

January 2022 Bloodrush Rewards

As of yet, the only reward that’s been confirmed is a 1.5x multiplier for the entire week. There are no other rewards that are expected to be coming out.

Are you excited for the Blood Rush event in Dead By Daylight? What killer will you be getting?

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