Dead By Daylight Chapter 23 Ringu Leaks

The Chapter 23 update for Dead by Daylight is just around the corner and we have the complete information about the brand new leaks for your reading pleasure. Behaviour Interactive has been generous with DBD’s updated content so far and the trend is expected to continue in Dead By Daylight Chapter 23. It is quite fortunate that these leaks came so early!

Looking for the upcoming changes in Dead By Daylight Chapter 23? We’ve got just the thing for you! The new update is expected to release some amazing new Ringu content. With that said, let’s jump right in and see what kind of Dead By Daylight (DBD) Chapter 23 awaits us.

What is Dead By Daylight (DBD) Chapter 23?

A while ago, Dead by Daylight announced a brand new teaser showcasing a brand new upcoming chapter called Ringu. The trailer looks absolutely incredible and fans cannot help but be excited about the upcoming content. In case you missed out on the trailer, you can watch it below!

YouTube video

This new chapter will be a collaboration between the Japanese movie Ringu and DBD. In response to this, the author of Ringu said:

“It’s a great honor to see what we’ve been dreaming of as a team for years to come true. It’s not finished yet, but the ideas coming from Behaviour Interactive are very promising. I can’t wait for people all over the world to play it, and I hope that Dead By Daylight will give the world more opportunities to experience the Ringu universe”

Dead By Daylight Chapter 23 PTB Release Date

Dead by Daylight Chapter 23 Trailer Reveals Ringu Crossover

The release for Dead By Daylight Ringu PTB version is expected to be on 15 February. The complete DLC is expected to completely roll out by 8 March on all platforms. While confirmation from Behaviour Interactive hasn’t come forth yet, it is expected that the update will be relatively close to the mentioned date. Keep your eyes peeled if you want to play it as soon as it comes out!

Dead By Daylight Chapter 23 Leaks (Shop Cosmetics)

This article will be covering the leaks roundup for Dead By Daylight Chapter 23. The name for this chapter seems to be “Ringu”. Keep in mind that this update is coming only to yet so fans might have to wait a bit to see all of this come to fruition. There are major spoilers ahead so proceed at your own discretion.

Here is what we know about DBD Chapter 23 Ringu Shop Cosmetics so far:

NameRelease DateTypeAuric Cell CountCost (Shards)
N/AMarch 8New Survivor1080N/A
Sadako YamamuraMarch 8Legendary Cosmetic1485N/A
The SpiritMarch 10Spirit108021600
Yui KimuraMarch 10Character108021600
Jane RomeroMarch 10Character1080N/A
Élodie RakotoMarch 17Character108021600
Felix RichterMarch 17Character108021600
Ace ViscontiMarch 24Character108021600

While the Ringu Novel and the Ringu Movie have their own subtle differences, it is yet to be seen which route DBD will be taking.

Credit: The above leak has been obtained by @leaksDbd

What do you think about the Dead By Daylight chapter 23? are you excited for Sadako to make join the DBD ranks? Let us know in the comments below!

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