Deathloop Bugs, Known Issues and Workarounds for PC, PlayStation

Deathloop has just been released on all supported platforms by Arkane Studios and as you can expect, there are tons of bugs and issues that are currently plaguing the game. As such, we’ve compiled a list of the most known issues and bugs including workarounds and solutions for them.

Even though the game has gone through a rigorous playtesting phase, there still are bugs that need to be ironed out. You might also be experiencing low frame rates due to the controversial inclusion of Denuvo in the game.

Deathoop Bugs and Known Issues

Here is an un-official, community-derived list of all the Deathloop known issues, revealed by Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios, as of updated on September 14, 2021:

Error 0xC0000005

Issue: Access Violation Error (Error 0xC0000005)

Fix: Disable RT if you have it enabled.

DLC Won’t Unlock

Issue: DLC doesn’t unlock even though you’ve purchased it.

Fix: Do 3 loops and the DLC will unlock automatically.

Error 0xC0000001D 

Issue: Illegal Instruction Error

Fix: Refund the game on Steam and purchase it from Bethesda.

Audio Cutting Off

Issue: Audio keeps randomly cutting out for 5 seconds.

Fix: Switch off all Bluetooth controllers including your Switch Pro controller and use another one.

Visual Stutter

Issue: Even if you have a respectable amount of FPS, the game still stutters.

Fix: Cap FPS with the game with Rivatuner.

Game Crashes with RTSS / Afterburner

Issue: If you have Afterburner or Rivatuner enabled, your game starts crashing.

Fix: Set Rivatuner’s detection level to none (or close it) and MSI Afterburner will work.

Cannot Escape From Menu

Issue: If you open your journal, you will not be able to escape from the menu.

Fix: None so far, you’ll need to force quit out of the game.

Mouse Stutter Fix

Issue: Mouse keeps stuttering in the game.

Fix: Turn on Radeon Anti-Lag in the Control Panel

Extreme Input Lag

Issue: A lot of input lag on a 4K TV due to post-processing effects.

Fix: Try disabling effects such as ‘Auto-Smoothing’ and the like or switching your TV to PC mode to remove many of these effects.

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Updating To The Latest Drivers

Before you get started playing on PC, you should download the latest drivers for your respective graphics card vendor.


Download the latest NVIDIA drivers here.

  • Recommended driver version: 471.96 (or newer)
  • Minimum supported driver version: 461.40


Download the latest AMD drivers here.

  • Recommended driver version: 21.9.1

Save Game Location – Deathloop

Here’s the default save game location for Deathloop:

Save Game Location: New saves are made in “C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\Deathloop\base”

Steam cloud saving: On Steam, we automatically write to: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<userid>\1252330”, or wherever your copy of Steam is installed, as well as the normal directory.

As always, we’ll be providing you with the latest patch notes for Deathloop as soon as they came out. In order to report a bug officially, you can use the Steam Community Forums or interact with players over at the game’s official Discord.

Are you facing an issue that we haven’t mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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