Diablo Immortal: All Classes Guide for New Players

Diablo Immortal is finally here after what seems like an eternity. Newer players of the series will find themselves overwhelmed due to the amount of content that the game has to offer. The first major choice that you’ll come across will be to choose a starting class. If you have never played a Diablo game or just want to know more about the classes, worry not because we will show you what each class does so you can choose the perfect one for yourself.

You can choose from six unique classes; all with their own abilities and everything. Since the game only offers a small description of what each class does, you might find yourself confused. Worry not because we will go in-depth to show you what each class excels in so that you don’t have to scrap your progress if you don’t like your chosen class since the game didn’t tell you what it does. With that said, let’s get started!

All Classes in Diablo Immortal

As aforementioned, there are a total of six classes available in Diablo Immortal right now. Everyone will prefer a different class since every player has a different playstyle. So, make sure that you read what each class does and pick the ideal one for your playstyle.


Barbarian Class - Diablo Immortal

Difficulty for new players: 1/5

Just like in most games, the Barbarian is the easiest class that is ideal for newer players. This class does not require you to understand the in-depth mechanics or use abilities that are too difficult. All you need to do is jump right in the middle of the action and kill some enemies. This class excels in melee combat, chain kills, and good AoE damage.

Since this class is an easy class, I suggest that beginners should use it. However, since you will be the main focus for most enemies, you should keep an eye on your HP bar to ensure that you don’t die randomly. Another drawback of this class is that it isn’t the best against solo enemies or large bosses. Since you don’t deal a lot of damage to solo targets, you might find yourself lacking DPS. Without a solid team, you won’t be able to perform all that well in regard to damage.

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Crusader Class - Diablo Immortal

Difficulty for new players: 2/5

The Crusader excels in using both magic and melee as its offense. Depending on your team’s need, you can either fight from a distance or get up close and personal. While they are not as tanky as the Barbarian, the Crusader can hold its own in a melee fight. Plus, thanks to their buffing abilities, you can play a utility role and be a support for your team. On top of that, this class also has good AoE attacks, so groups of small enemies shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Due to the Crusader being able to use magic attacks, you have good single-target spells as well. To balance it out, the cooldowns of your spells are relatively long and your basic attacks aren’t the best. A good Crusader will play around their cooldowns and use their spells effectively while simultaneously switching between melee/ranged combat and being a good support for the team.

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter Class - Diablo Immortal

Difficulty for new players: 3/5

Players of Diablo 3 will instantly recognize this class as the ranged of the team. This class can deal a lot of damage really quickly and consistently while being at a distance. They have some of the best DPS in the entire game. However, if enemies get close to you, your HP bar will deplete faster than you can blink. To counter this, they have the ability to continuously move around while attacking enemies; giving you a good opportunity to kite them.

On top of that, they have strong abilities as well that allow Demon Hunters to take down single targets or a group of mobs. If you are planning to play solo, this might not be the best class for you. However, in a team, you will find yourself extremely useful and you’ll perform at your full potential. Also, due to their high damage and great DPS against single targets, they are perfect against bosses. So, if you are going on a Raid, make sure that you have a Demon Hunter on your team.

The best part is that this class isn’t that difficult either. The main thing you need to worry about is getting too close to the enemy. If you can avoid that, you’re good to go!


Monk Class - Diablo Immortal

Difficulty for new players: 2/5

Monks in Diablo Immortal are fast-paced characters that excel in going in and out of combat. They are strong at melee combat; although, not as tanky as the Barbarian or even the Crusader. Using their spells and abilities, you can deal tons of damage and move away from the enemy without taking a single hit if you time it correctly. On top of that, you can even use their buffs to boost up your defense and be tankier for a short duration.

The buffs can also be used on your allies to ensure that they remain on the battlefield without dying. However, due to the repetitive nature of their combat prowess, the Monk can feel a bit boring in the long run.


Necromancer Class - Diablo Immortal

Difficulty for new players: 5/5

Necromancers are great at summoning companions that will do all the hard work for you. After summoning your minions, you can sit back and let them do all the world while you get all the credit. Due to this, the Necromancer is one of the best classes in Diablo Immortal, especially if you want to play solo. If you get the hang of this class, you can easily overwhelm your enemies by surrounding them with walking corpses and destroying them.

A good Necromancer will alternate between buffing their minions and using them to shield themselves or their teams. The minions are great at taking aggro from the enemy, so, use them wisely and you will always be unscathed. However, if you are a new player, you might have difficulties playing this class properly since it has a decent learning curve.


Wizard Class - Diablo Immortal

Difficulty for new players: 3.5/5

If you are used to playing RPG games, you’ll know that the Wizard is the spellcaster of the group. You can use various spells while keeping your distance from the enemy and deal tons of damage. However, inexperienced players might find it difficult to properly utilize this class as you will often find yourself waiting for the spells to come off of cooldown. During that duration, you are almost useless since your basic attacks do little to no damage. Plus, if enemies get too close, that’s the end for you.

With enough determination, you can master this class in no time and learn when to use what spell. It is mainly about the timing to see which spell to use, instead of using all of them at once. Plus, you need to have a good aim as there is a high chance that you’ll whiff your spells and be rendered useless for the time being.

Those are all the classes available in Diablo Immortal right now. Which one do you think is perfect for you? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Also, let us know what class are you using if you are already playing the game.

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