How to Download Age Of Empires 4 Stress Test on PC

Relic Entertainment has just announced a server stress test for Age of Empires 4 and here is how you can download it. The stress test will allow developers to check whether they’ll be able to handle all the players waging wars at the same time. The test itself will be free for all players. You can take a look at how you can download the stress test down below.

With the closed beta now over, this will be the final time players will be able to experience the game before its eventual release date on Oct. 28. With a limited capacity of players allowed by the developers, you should register for the stress test down below as soon as possible.

How to Sign Up & Download Age Of Empires 4 Stress Test

There are two distinct ways to access the Age of Empires IV Stress Test. If you are unable to get into the stress test using one, you can always go for the other:

Xbox Insider Hub

  • Download the Xbox Insider Hub Application through the Microsoft Store
  • Open the Application and search for Age of Empires 4
  • You can now register for the stress test using your Microsoft account.


  • Download the Steam Client and log-in.
  • Once there, head on to the Steam Page for Age of Empires IV
  • Now, head onto the Stress Test tab found on the bottom half of the page.
  • Click on Request Access
  • Now, wait patiently for an e-mail to arrive on your inbox. If you do not get it, you can request for the Stress Test again.

Age Of Empires IV Stress Test Release Date

The stress test will officially be available from Sept 17 18:00 BST until Sept. 20 18:00 BST. The test is currently only available for PC players.

What will you Stress Test?

Since the beta is meant to be a server-side stress test, the majority of the focus of the game will be based on Multiplayer. However, players who do not wish to compete against other players online can also play against the AI within custom lobbies.

If you are new to the franchise, you will also be able to play the first mission present in the game which is just the tutorial titled Mission Zero. However, you are better off skipping the tutorial if you’ve already played Age of Empires before.

What Civilizations are Available in This Stress Test?

As of yet, the game is confirmed to have 8 base civilizations as part of Age of Empires 4. However, the stress test will only be incorporating four:

  • Chinese
  • English
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Abbasid Dynasty

Are you going to be trying out the Age of Empires IV Stress Test? Or will you be waiting for the base game to finally check the game out?

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